On 25 September, the first children’s edition of SANDRO X The Muppet Show Collection will be launched. With 21 pieces of clothing for mothers and 15 pieces for children, this is going to be a Mini Me line that thematically deals with the muppets.

Evelyn Chetrite is the Managing Director of Sandro Paris. She has beautiful childhood memories of the Muppets and is, therefore, very happy about the collaboration. Since Kermit the Frog is the favorite character of founder Evelyn, it is not surprising that it can be found mainly in the capsule collection.

Kermit is the star of the capsule collection

The collection is based on the Muppet-Show figure and humorously combines the chaotic and dynamic variety of the Muppet Show with the aesthetic aspiration of the brand Sandro Paris. The happy face of the figure Kermit is sewn onto wool sweaters with round necklines or hoodies and backpacks in velvet with colored pearls. The color palette of the collection ranges from frog green to bright red. There are also quieter tones in the Mini Me collection. From anthracite and light blue to a light ecru, the soft tones contrast with the loud ones.

Sweatshirts, XXL cardigans, vintage jeans and jackets in the 90s style were reinterpreted for the children’s collection to incorporate the theme of the Muppet Show. In addition, the Paris-based brand offers the famous flame sneakers in several bright shades of green.

Dress in the look of your role models

The adult collection includes cashmere hoodies, jogging pants, sweaters and rugby jerseys wearing Kermit’s playful laughing face. For the first time in the history of the fashion label Sandro Paris there is a collection for boys and girls which gives the little ones the chance to stylishly emulate their bigger role models in the look of the Muppet Show.

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Link: de.sandro-paris.com

Image: Network PR