The Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele is expanding its plush portfolio. The enterprise sets on figures of popular DreamWorks films. First novelties will be to be seen on the toy fair.

They are very well known and popular with young and old. The characters from DreamWorks animated films have inspired millions of moviegoers worldwide. This paid off for the parent company DreamWorks in many ways. For example, the second part of Shrek’s “The daredevil hero returns” alone raised over $919 million. A large role in the marketing take thereby the right owners in the license business.

The Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele has now taken up the offer and is expanding its plush portfolio with famous, established and sought-after characters. This year’s launch will feature DreamWorks classics such as Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda as well as current TV highlights such as Spirit: Wild and Free. The first plush novelties will be presented at the International Toy Fair. They are the prelude to further cooperation with Universal Consumer Products, which has already been specified for 2020. The company is responsible for the franchise themes of Universal Picture. Its parent company NBCUniversal also owns DreamWork Animation.

Cooperation to strengthen plush sector for Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele

For Schmidt Spiele, the cooperation is an important strategic step in the company’s orientation. “In recent years, the plush sector has become an important pillar for us, which we will continue to expand in the long term through our cooperation with NBCUniversal. We are delighted to include the important and popular license brands in our portfolio,” says Axel Kaldenhoven, Managing Director of Schmidt Spiele GmbH. Kathrin Brandhorst, Country Director Universal Consumer Products Germany, also sees great potential: “We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with Schmidt Spiele, who have successfully proven their strength in the licensed plush sector for a long time.”

Cooperation takes place in several steps

The cooperation of DreamWorks with the publisher Schmidt Spiele will take place in several phases. It will start with characters from the classics Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda with release dates at the beginning of this year. At Spirit, the collaboration will focus on the two popular main characters Spirit and Lucky, who will appear in plush. In autumn of this year, the Schmidt Spiele publishing house plans to launch the plush series for the new DreamWorks animated film “Everest – Ein Yeti will hoch hinaus”. The cooperation is to continue in 2020. Then there will be plush figures to continue the cinema highlight Trolls.


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Link: The traditional Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele intensifies its plush business and presents the first DreamWorks characters as cuddly toys at the International Toy Fair.

Image: Schmidt Games