In spring 2019, the well-known Danish equipment specialist Sebra will launch its first organic skin care line on the market, consisting of six certified and allergy-friendly care products for babies and the whole family. Luna Journal spoke with Sebra founder Mia Dela about the intention of the organic skin care line and what needs to be considered when manufacturing organic cosmetic products.

How did you get the idea to enter the cosmetics industry?

Sebra founder Mia Dela: We are convinced that there is a market for very natural and certified baby care products. Parents today care much more about safety, quality and tested products, which we also notice in our children’s equipment concept. An organic skin care line was therefore the next logical step for us to expand our portfolio and offer our customers something new. The most important thing in our skin care products is of course the content. But the bottles and tubes are also very appealing due to their aesthetic and visually simple Scandinavian look. Even when not in use, the products serve as pretty bathroom decorations.

Where are the beauty products made?

The organic skin care line is produced on the North Sea coast in Denmark. We cooperate with the traditional Danish company Allison, which has been producing beauty care products since 1970. The production is in Esbjerg, where our Sebra headquarters are located.

What is there to consider when manufacturing beauty products in comparison to the equipment?

Beauty products are of course something completely different, but in fact there are also many similarities, especially in the area of certification. What’s new is our approach to durability issues and their communication, as our care products bear four test seals. The tests that we have carried out for our care products as well as for our furniture and toys, which are also all tested and certified before they go on sale, are similar.

Who are the cosmetic products intended for?

The organic main care line is vegetable and allergy friendly and is intended for babies and the whole family.

You state that the cosmetics line is free of harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. What are the ingredients of your cosmetic products?

The ingredients of the Sebra Interior baby care line are 98 to 100% natural and are made from ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter, almond and apricot oil. It contains no fragrances or colourings and is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.  A list with all ingredients can be found at:

How do customers know that their care products are made on a natural basis?

Each product carries the Vegan label of “The Vegan Society”. This label is an internationally recognised and registered label for vegan and vegetarian products and services.

The cosmetic products carry the Nordic Ecolabel Swan seal of approval. What does the seal stand for?

The Nordic Ecolabel Swan is the official eco-label of the Scandinavian countries. Its aim is to reduce the ecological footprint in the production and consumption of consumer goods. The entire product life cycle is taken into account – for the benefit of mankind, the environment and the earth’s resources. If you choose a product that carries the Ecolabel Swan, you are helping to protect the environment and you can be sure that the product is one of the best of its kind.

Which markets do you hope to open up with your cosmetic products?

We hope to establish the cosmetic products in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK.

What percentage increase in turnover do you hope to achieve by entering the beauty industry?

We are hoping for a 2% increase in turnover.

Where can the products be purchased?

From spring 2019, the entire care line will be available from Sebra retailers mainly throughout Europe in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands as well as in all Danish, German and French-speaking countries.

Which cosmetic products are still in the planning stage?

We are currently planning to add two more products to the product portfolio of the organic skin care line.


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