More and more Germans are making online purchases via mobile devices. This is the result of a study by the payment service provider Mastercard.

No matter whether they are sitting comfortably on their sofa at home, on their way to work or even during their lunch break: German consumers are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to shop on the Internet. A study commissioned by the payment service provider Mastercard and carried out by innofact has now examined the shopping behaviour of a total of 18,000 European customers with regard to smartshopping.

56 percent of spending is done digitally

Of all Germans surveyed, as many as 84 percent use a mobile device for shopping. Compared to the European average, German consumers are among the frontrunners: 47 percent buy at least once a week via smartphone or tablets; 56 percent of all German total spending on purchases now flows into the digital business. Apparently, customers’ ordering behavior is changing away from online shopping on a PC or laptop to shopping via mobile devices, regardless of time or place. This trend has also been observed for some time by the toy retailer myToys. “Around 60 percent of myToys orders are now placed via mobile devices,” says press spokeswoman Katrin Schaekel.

Fashion leads the smartshopping hit list

Fashion and accessories in particular end up in the digital shopping baskets of German smartshoppers, books in Germany rank second in the ranking of the most popular product groups of mobile buyers, closely followed by electrical goods and accessories. Seven out of 10 respondents use apps from different providers for their purchases between two and five.

Christmas shopping without stress

As beautiful as the pre-Christmas season may be, the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere will be over by the time the crowds in the crowded shopping streets and shopping centres are over. That’s why three-quarters of all Germans surveyed said they made their Christmas presents from their mobile devices. Without stress and comfortably from the sofa – 84 percent of the German survey participants said so. Regardless of where purchases are ultimately made from, the time at which they are made is obviously also decisive. This is because the study also shows that fast gift shopping via mobile devices takes place primarily on weekdays, most frequently (54 percent) after work. However, 40 percent also use the time between 12 and 17 noon during the week and a further 24 percent use the morning hours between 9 and 12 noon. By way of comparison, only 16 percent of Germans mentioned the morning at the weekend.


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Link: European Mobile Commerce Study by Mastercard and innofact

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