Just in time for Prince Harry’s dream wedding with Meghan Markle and the start of the 2018 wedding season, Steiff is putting some of its particularly high-quality products in the spotlight.

The wedding industry has an annual turnover of two billion euros. Steiff offers retailers with selected gems an opportunity to participate in this boom. The collector’s items can be a small gift for the bridal couple, serve as a collector’s item or be used as extraordinary piece of jewellery.

The royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which will take place on 19 May, served as inspiration. With the launch of a replica of the world’s most famous cat, Choupette by Karl Lagerfeld, Steiff has already proven that it has a feel for current trend themes.

Like a princess: Bridal teddy bear from Steiff

As a counterpart to the royal bride, Steiff presents its bridal teddy bear. Stylish like a princess with a lace collar, glitter and elegant mohair, the nose and mouth are made of silver thread. In the spirit of a soon-to-be princess, she wears a tiara made of three Swarovski crystals and a necklace also made of Swarovski crystals.

Steiff Braut

High-quality materials: Swarovski crystals, lace and mohair

As a traditional morning gift or romantic gift the pendant teddy bear set wedding could be given. The blue gift box contains a pair of steiff bears in a size of nine centimetres. The bear bride is made of mohair. Her body is adorned with a Swarovski crystal and a lace collar. The corresponding groom is dressed in black, with a bow tie with Swarovski crystal. Both bears have a charm at the bottom of the pendant chain, which can be used flexibly as a pendant or for a bracelet. They can also be used as part of a keychain.

Steiff Armband Hochzeitskollektion 2018

Gifts for your partner or friends

As a gift from friends to the couple Steiff recommends the dove set Wedding. The birds are made of mohair and decorated with Swarovski crystals on the wings. Guests can attach their wishes to the bridal couple on the satin ribbons. The recommended retail prices for these gifts are between 199.90 euros and 229.00 euros.

High willingness to pay for wedding gifts

The selection of the suitable gift is a task with instinct for many guests. According to a representative survey of the market research company Mindfacts in cooperation with the provider of photo services and digital printing posterxxl, visitors are happy to let the gift cost them something. If it concerns the wedding of a family member, three quarters of the Germans are likely to spend up to 150 euros for a gift. The willingness to pay for wedding gifts among friends and acquaintances is somewhat lower: almost half (44%) set a limit of 50 to 100 euros. Men are more willing to pay than women.


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