A survey by mydealz shows: Consumers still spend more money in traditional retail than online, but for many this is changing.

For 262.78 euros, consumers shop every month in classic shops. This is the result of a representative survey carried out by Statista on behalf of the consumer forum mydealz.de between 30 August and 11 September 2019 among 1000 consumers. In online shops, the respondents left only 93.83 euros. Nevertheless, stationary retailers have little reason to hope. Every fifth respondent spends less money in stationary shops than a year ago.

Seniors also discover online shopping for themselves

Measured by their spending, customers aged between 55 and 64 s are more important for stationary businesses than any other age group. However, they also turn away more from stationary retail than other age groups. Only just under one in ten of them spends more in traditional retailing than in the previous year. One in four, on the other hand, has reduced their spending. In the statistics, the age group now spends 298.07 euros a month in shops and 104.05 euros on online shopping. Consumers between the ages of 45 and 54 as well as those over 65 are increasingly turning away from stationary retail outlets.

Young people also buy stationary

The very young target group between 16 and 24 prefers online trading the most. They spend 31.52% of their monthly budget on online orders. But at 145.63 euros, they spend most of their budget on stationary retail.

The 16- to 24-year-old group is the only one to spend more in classic retailing than in the previous year. The individual circumstances of life – more pocket money or their first own job – contribute to the fact that young consumers in principle have a higher budget for consumer spending.

Why order online?

When asked why customers like to order online, 73.8% of those surveyed said that convenience was the biggest plus for them when shopping online. 68.3% also think it is an advantage that they do not have to worry about opening hours. 62.5 % order because of the “wider choice” compared to classic retail. 60.5 % stated that the “better comparison options” were an advantage for them when shopping online.


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