With one click, interested parties can reach special sustainable exhibitors at the Kind + Jugend. Together with the trade fair, the BTE has listed companies that have seals and certificates.

It is a premiere: Due to the fact that sustainability and environmental awareness are currently very much in line with the trend, the Kind + Jugend launched an initiative in cooperation with the trade association Textil BTE. Exhibitors who have proven the sustainable production of their exhibited textiles by means of recognized test seals are listed separately on the trade fair homepage. Fair visitors with this area of interest can plan their tour at the Kind + Jugend accordingly. Seals that have been recognized are for example GOTS or Oeko-Tex. The BTE has taken over the formal examination of the submissions. The listed companies demonstrate that sustainability is an international issue. The entries stem from Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA. Aro Artländer, BabyBjörn, HTS BeSafe, Sterntaler or Tobi are just as much a part of it as other large and also small businesses.

BTE Focuses on a holistic Approach

Rolf Pangels, Managing Director of BTE: “We see the joint  initiative with the trade fair very positively. Out of 69 applicants, 32 companies that are particularly environmentally conscious and socially responsible were awarded. We only accepted companies with a complete product certificate. However, we rejected companies that could only provide evidence for individual components of their products. Therefore, we can state with a clear conscience that all the companies/products awarded are highly sustainable and environmentally conscious. The range of products we inspected and evaluated ranged from clothing, sleeping bags and blankets to bedding and mattresses. We were surprised to see that many of the listed exhibitors chose “sustainability“ as their theme because of their strong personal focus and not only for economic reasons. The initiative, further, served the BTE to give the members of our association an overview of the trade fair exhibitors which are specifically committed to sustainability and the environment.“

Nordic coast company banks on long life cycle

Below we present some of the exhibitors at the Kind + Jugend that are listed as particularly sustainable. Textile baby equipment in a simple Nordic style is presented by the nordic coast company. The collection includes for instance baby sleeping bags, changing mattresses, bumper pillows, crib bumpers, blankets, towels, bedding and music boxes. The company has its products produced in selected factories in Germany and Portugal. All items are certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard seal and are made entirely of materials tested according to the Oeko-Tex Standard Class 1. Founder and Managing Director Trixi Oppenhäuser: “For us, sustainability means the manufacturing of durable, high-quality and well thought-out products. Through the extended usability, the timeless modern design and the alternative use of our baby equipment, we consciously counteract the “disposable mentality“. Our designs and functions are made in such a way that, for example, the nursing pillows can continue to be used as sofa cushions, changing pads are equipped with waterproof, removable towels and thus cause less paper waste and can also be used as a mattress protection later on. (Hall 10.1, Stand C059)

Plastic bottles as material for bags

The new bag collection Ocean and the backpack Rolltop are presented by Lässig for the first time. The products are made of a recycled polyester fabric from Waste2Wear. Depending on the model, between ten and 38 bottles made of recycled plastic bottles are used for the production. Numerous other sustainable products can be seen as well. The knitted blankets and blankets to wrap around the baby, made from 100 percent organic cotton, carry the seal of quality from GOTS. The same applies to the baby textile collection made of organic cotton and Eri silk. The majority of textile products, including bibs, muslins and blankets, are certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard. Managing Director Claudia Lässig: “At Lässig, the issue of sustainability is a matter close to the heart and it has been right from the start. Sustainability is a path, a process that we follow every day to continuously improve ourselves. Fair production in compliance with strict quality guidelines, resource-conserving materials and innovative production processes as well as social commitment – we are constantly working on further developing the idea of sustainability in our company and thereby keeping on moving forward with our brand. (Hall 11.2, Booth D010)

Bedding from Estonian company carries Oeko-Tex seal

Artonella comes from Estonia. Colorful bedding and accessories are part of the company’s portfolio. The company attaches great importance to environmentally friendly materials. Managing Director Nele Laanemäe: “The bedding Uneleja by Artonella is mainly manufactured for babies, children and adults. Sustainability is the key to a good and healthy sleep between our sheets. All our materials and production processes are certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Group I. We use sustainable and recyclable materials for our packaging. Owing to our sustainable approach, we can offer our customers the best possible quality. At the fair, we will present our new sustainable products: harmonious bedding for parents and children so that the whole family can benefit from beautiful and high-quality bedding. In addition, we’ll announce a surprise for children at the fair.“ (Hall 10.1, Stand D075)

Seal as part of the brand strategy

A mother of two founded the fashion brand loud + proud. The aim was to create baby and children’s clothing pieces made from sustainable materials and under fair working conditions. In 2013 the company received the seal from GOTS. Managing Director Ingo Hecking: “Sustainability has been a corporate philosophy at loud + proud since the company’s foundation in 2008. To make sure that this is not a buzzword and a lip service and that it is objectively comprehensible for consumers, dealers and suppliers, we are GOTS certified. This standard with its strict social and ecological criteria is an important component of our strategy. In addition, there is the demand to produce affordable products with fresh colors and motifs that are equally suitable for boys and girls. In Cologne, we present a Winter Flash collection which is immediately available in the market. Moreover, we present our permanently available NOS range with the typical animal prints for loud +proud. All products are GOTS certified“. (Hall 11.3, Stand D031)

Koeka shows presents new organic styles at the fair

Over 350 points of sale worldwide distribute the Dutch brand Koepka. The collection includes around 125 products in many colors for babies, children and home accessories. For many years, Koeka has been certified with the Oeko-Tex seal. Founder Margareth de Haas: “We are planning to develop sustainable styles and integrating them into our collection, step by step. At this fair we present two new organic styles. One of them, Dijon, is an organic cotton terry program. It includes several care products in eight colors, from baby slings to bibs and a buggy inlay. We have a new supplier for our Dijon program to produce this style sustainably. We expect that we will gradually have our Dijon styles in stock from fall on. From January 2020 we expect to be able to offer the new color sand. The other organic style is a special organic collection from our “Freshly Picked“ program called Petite Pomme.” (Hall 10.1, Stand G030).

Grünspecht carries seal from GOTS

Sustainability is part of the company name „Grünspecht Naturprodukte“. The company was founded in 1994 and today the products can be found at numerous major customers and in drugstore chains. The GOTS seal was awarded to Grünspecht in 2016, when the company got itself certified according to this standard. Dr. Armin Herker, Managing Director: “For us, sustainability plays a role in the entire life cycle of a product, from the initial idea to the disposal. The components of our new Grünspecht organic baby imprint kits are a good example of this: the imprint mass made from regional organic potato starch, the rolling pin made from 94% renewable raw materials, the mold made from local woods and the woven ribbons made from cotton. We try to live up to our slogan “Für NatürlichDenker” (for natural thinkers) with every single product. This is why we increasingly have GOTS certified products such as our baby socks and tights in our range.“ (Hall 11.2, Stand C010)


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Link: Die Kind+Jugend bietet Besuchern eine Liste mit besonders nachhaltigen Ausstellern, die vom BTE geprüft wurden.

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