In eight years tausendkind has developed into one of the leading players in the German market. We spoke to the two founders Dr. Anike von Gagern and Dr. Kathrin Weiß.

Ms. von Gagern, Ms. Weiß, you can look back on a successful business year: In 2017, your company tausendkind increased sales by 40 percent and reached the first profitable month in the company’s history. To what do you attribute these two milestones?

We have systematically built our business over the past eight years. We are continuously optimizing our product range, understanding our customers better and better and also improving internal processes. Our goal is always to bring tausendkind to a critical size and to become profitable. 2017 has shown that we are already very close to our goal.

You have extended the range of tausendkind with furniture. Why did you take this step and how is the customer response?

Our long-term goal is to become a one-stop shop. This also includes offering furniture. Our market analyses have also shown that the online supply of high-quality furniture is insufficient. It was therefore a logical next step for us to include furniture in our range. The response from our customers has been extremely positive so far and although we are still expanding our product range, the furniture already accounts for a relevant share of sales.

Which private brands does tausendkind have and what role does it play in terms of sales?

We have two own brands, zoolaboo und Volltreffer and are very satisfied with their development so far.

What are the most successful products at tausendkind?

Our most successful product is actually one of our own brands, namely a blue shirt with fire department.

Your investors have made another 15 million euros available. What plans do you have for the range and for the online shop as a whole?

As already mentioned, our long-term goal is to become a one-stop-shop. But we still lack mobility products such as prams and car seats. In the short term, we would like to expand our furniture range and optimize the shopping experience for our customers. This includes, for example, further improvements to our mobile shop experience and the expansion of our internal data warehouse and our technical infrastructure. The basis for all further developments are our data and our technology.

In which position do you see tausendkind in the competition of the large German online shops for children’s equipment?

Sistrix sees us in the baby and children’s fashion segment as the leading shop in the German-speaking world, of which we are really very proud.

tausendkind has over 700,000 registered customers – what marketing measures do you think are promising for addressing these buyers?

Targeted CRM is the keyword here. We invest continuously to better understand our customers and their needs. The more granular we understand them, the more targeted and effective we can communicate with our customers.

You founded your company in 2010. How do you look back on the past eight years? Which learnings were there and what were big surprising successes?

We have had eight exciting years so far, for which we are very grateful. Of course, we also had the typical startup ups and downs, for example bursts of financing deals, which gave us grey hair. Nevertheless, we have managed to establish tausendkind as a strong brand in the German-speaking online trade for baby and children’s products. We have established a great team and are getting ever closer to our goal of leading tausend to a critical size and into profitability. Our focus on technology makes us strong because we have a very granular understanding of our product range, channels and customers.


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