Since January 2018, the Hamburg trading company Tchibo has been offering baby and children’s fashion for rent. The Magdeburg-based company kilenda is the partner for the “Tchibo Share” concept. Now it’s time to take stock: Was the sustainable concept successful?

Realized success

After the one-year start-up phase of the rental service, Tchibo is beginning to show initial success: both the amount of purchases and the “conversion rate” (refers to the ratio of the purchaser to the rent) are constantly on the rise. In addition, around 90% of the garments lent can still be used after they have been rented.

“When our customers go through a rental cycle, they experience the benefits of Tchibo Share, i.e. online clothing rental. We are pleased to receive so much appreciation and customer loyalty for our offer. The more we broaden our offering, the more our customers will borrow,” explains Sarah Herms, Tchibo Recycling Expert.

Popular products

According to the company’s figures, sizes 74/80 and 86/92 are particularly successful – including classic basics such as striped baby bodies or long-sleeved shirts in sets. However, the order volume decreases again for dress sizes 110 and larger. Bed linen and the wooden rocking horse are also very unpopular with customers. Most customers currently come from North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg. Saarland, Upper Bavaria and Bremen, on the other hand, would be the rarest places to order.

The future of the sharing movement

Tchibo has set itself the following targets for 2019:

  • Expansion of the product range every six weeks
  • From 21 May children’s sports fashion
  • Extension of the rental range for mothers
  • Rental products for family holidays & children’s equipment

“We are convinced that sharing and reusing resources is an important answer to the urgent question of our time, how we as a company and society can protect the environment and leave a world worth living in to the next generation. With Tchibo Share, we try to inspire our customers to try out such an offer and, ideally, to integrate it into their everyday lives. It is important for us to be everyday companions for families and to offer them services that are easy to implement in everyday life and protect the environment,” emphasizes Nanda Bergstein, Director Corporate Responsibility.


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