For almost two years now, Tchibo Share has been offering baby, children’s and women’s fashion for rent. Now the sustainable project is getting suport by a Hamburg-based label to help refugees. About the cooperation with the social project “Bridge & Tunnel”.

What is the concept behind?

Sustainable and with fair trade standards – the newcomer label of Hanna Charlotte Erhorn and Constanze Klotz produces fashion in regular support of women and men with a refugee background.

“Isn’t there always something that people can do well, but that doesn’t reflect any CV? Through many unique encounters in Wilhelmsburg, it quickly became clear to us: Even though many of our team members have not yet been able to find a job in Germany, many of them bring creative abilities and skills from their home countries that can be of great use for textile production,” says Bridge & Tunnel.

Tchibo Share x Bridge & Tunnel

Individual belt bags and hair bands are now produced for Tchibo from old textiles and material remnants. In a limited special offer, the accessories are given away to the clientele with every rental – only while stocks last. “This gives valuable material resources a new life – and hopeful talents from all over the world a fulfilling job with recognition,” says Tchibo.

First balance

Tchibo has already achieved its first successes in the first two years of the rental service: both the amount of purchases and the “conversion rate” (refers to the ratio of the purchaser to the rent) are constantly increasing. In addition, around 90% of the garments lent can still be used after they have been rented.

“When our customers go through a rental cycle, they experience the benefits of Tchibo Share, i.e. online clothing rental. We are pleased to receive so much appreciation and customer loyalty for our offer. The more we broaden our offering, the more our customers will borrow,” explains Sarah Herms, Tchibo Recycling Expert.

Sales figures & order volume

According to the company’s figures, sizes 74/80 and 86/92 are particularly successful – including classic basics such as striped baby bodies or long-sleeved shirts in sets. However, the order volume decreases again for dress sizes 110 and larger. Bed linen and the wooden rocking horse are also very unpopular with customers.

Most customers currently come from North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg. Saarland, Upper Bavaria and Bremen, on the other hand, would be the rarest places to order.


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