Just three months after the launch of the innovative rental service, the range is now being expanded to include toys. In addition, the selection of sustainable baby and children’s clothing was supplemented by festive fashion and rainwear.

Tchibo is also expanding its range of sizes for baby and children’s clothing. Instead of the previously pure mini fashion, which went up to size 110, there will also be individual garments for teenagers up to size 176 in the future.

“We are very pleased that Tchibo Share has already been so well received in the first three months. We will therefore continue to develop our range for young families,” explains Nanda Bergstein, Director of Corporate Responsibility and adds: “We are delighted that our innovative range has given new impetus to sharing and the rental market as a whole.

Positive feedback from Tchibo Share customers

Since baby and children’s clothes are often only needed for a short time, they are ideal for rent. The ordering process is easy to understand and many orders reach the recipient the next day. In addition, Tchibo Share offers customers a dual sustainability aspect. The clothing and toys offered for rent have been sustainably produced. Positive side effect: Since the garments can be used several times, valuable and finite resources are conserved.

“We are continuously improving our products and processes with regard to their ecological, social and economic benefits for our customers. Long use and further recycling of the products play a correspondingly important role,” says Nanda Bergstein.

The cooperation partner kilenda

The cooperation partner kilenda is an expert in the rental of products for children and families. On the platform kilenda.de the enterprise already offers its customers textiles, toys and outfits of different brands.


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Link: www.tchibo-share.de

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