After a promising first trade fair year with two successful seasons, the Kinderschuh Ordertage will be expanded by three more locations in spring 2019. The growing trade fair format has established itself as a must-attend event and will present itself in seven major cities in the future.

In addition to the popular trade fair locations of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Breitscheid, the Kinderschuh Ordertage will also be held in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Zurich from 2019.

Thomas Wetzlar, organiser of the Kinderschuh Ordertage, on the intention of expanding the location: “The exhibitors already approached me during the current series of events in August (Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg) and encouraged me to visit other cities in the future. With the two new German locations in Stuttgart and Frankfurt, we are now noticeably rounding off our product range in Germany and giving participants the opportunity to cover their entire German sales campaign with our trade fair concept. At the same time, the new locations are responding to the requests of many customers from these regions”.

The roadshow of the Kinderschuh Ordertage

At all locations, 40-50 exhibitors can present their latest collections on an area of 15 square metres. Registrations have been running since the beginning of November and exhibitors are already showing a high level of interest: “We can already see that many of the August exhibitors are expanding their participation considerably in some cases and will travel to more cities together with us. Many children’s shoe brands have registered to take part in this event, and would now also like to do so. As it looks at the moment, we will be fully booked as soon as possible”.

At the beginning of January 2019, the Kinderschuh Ordertage will start in Frankfurt in the Rhine-Main Exhibition Centre in Hofheim-Wallau. At the same time, the trade fair format will take place with Kids Now as a partner from 11 to 13 January.

From 20 to 21 January, exhibitors will gather in the SkyLofts of Hamburg on the 9th floor of the Hamburg-Schnelsen Fashion Centre to present their winter collections.

On the last weekend of January it will take the exhibitors to the capital Berlin, because from 27.01 to 28.01 the Kinderschuh Ordertage will be held in the off-location “Von Greifswald” in Prenzlauer Berg.

For the first time the fair 2019 will take place abroad. From 03.02. to 04.02. the children’s shoe industry will gather in the heart of Switzerland. “With Zurich, we are now going abroad to Europe for the first time. We want to strengthen this expansion in the coming years and are preparing to be able to offer further European metropolitan regions from August 2019”, said the organiser of the Kinderschuh Ordertage.

Back in Germany, we will be heading to Sindelfingen in Stuttgart, where the exhibitors will present their new collections on 10 February and 11 February.

It all began in the SOC Breitscheid

The successful launch of the trade fair concept took place in February 2018 in Breitscheid. For 2019, a date was reserved for the Kinderschuh Ordertage in Düsseldorf. From 17.02. to 18.02. the labels will meet for the third time in the SOC Breitscheid. “The exhibitors as well as the visitors expressed themselves very positively about the first edition of Kinderschuh Ordertage as a new order format. The approach of making the great variety of children’s shoes available on a regional level, away from major trade fair events, was particularly appealing. It is thanks to the great feedback after the premiere in Breitscheid that we have now also transferred the format to other cities,” Thomas Wetzlar told the Luna Journal.

The final spurt will be taken by the Kinderschuh Ordertage in the Bavarian metropolis of Munich on 24.2 and 25.02 at the MOC.

Most important contact in Europe

“Within one year, we have grown into an important platform for children’s shoe suppliers and retailers and we want to become the most important contact for ordering children’s shoes in Europe. To this end, it is essential to further expand the existing range and to offer visitors and exhibitors a comprehensive range of products. We will therefore make every effort to offer the Kinderschuh Ordertage not only in Austria, but also in other countries in the future,” announces the organiser, Thomas Wetzlar.


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