For 40 years, the seal Blauer Engel has been the environmental label of the Federal Government. For consumers, the eco-label Blauer Engel serves as a guideline for sustainable purchasing. Now the seal Blauer Engel also labels disposable diapers and ensures that the cellulose used in the diapers comes from sustainably managed companies.

Three products met the strict award criteria. These include the brands: Babydream by Rossmann, sizes 3 to 6+, babylove nature eco diapers, sizes 2 to 5 by dm and the extra soft diapers by Hipp, sizes 2 to 5. The disposable diapers were awarded the seal because they are made from 100 percent cellulose from sustainable forestry, are free of cosmetic additives, tested for harmful substances and are now available in several drugstores.

Blauer Engel eco-label for diapers

Most children grow up with disposable diapers. The Federal Environment Agency estimates the number of disposable diapers at ten million a day, in Germany alone. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the conditions of manufacture and quality when buying diapers. This has a positive effect on the environment and is also good for the children. According to the Federal Environment Agency, disposable diapers labelled with the Blauer Engel eco-label meet the following award criteria:

  • The pulp must come 100 percent from companies that are demonstrably sustainable and close to nature, e.g. FSC or PEFC certified. Only certified biomass is permitted for other bio-based raw materials that may be used.
  • The pulp used in the certified disposable diaper is subject to strict requirements regarding emissions into waste water, exhaust air and energy consumption during pulp production. Furthermore, the pulp must not be bleached using elemental chlorine.
  • Strict requirements apply to all materials contained in the diaper and a detailed exclusion list of pollutants and substances harmful to health. In order to be awarded, a laboratory report on 17 chemical substances or groups of substances to be tested must be available from accredited test laboratories for Blauer Engel diapers. In order to reduce the risk of allergies, the use of lotions, fragrances and odour binders is prohibited.
  • The quality and fitness for use of the diapers must be proven by various tests. An application test ensures that not only the technical parameters are convincing, but that the diapers also function in practical use.


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