On 17 October 2018, the trade magazine Textilwirtschaft (dfv Mediengruppe) published the ranking list of the 100 largest European fashion brand suppliers. Luna Journal shows the top ten largest fashion groups in Europe.

The published ranking shows that the Spanish Inditex Group, which also includes the Zara brand, is the largest fashion group in Europe. Second place went to the sports goods group Adidas, which has promoted the Swedish company H&M to third place. The top ten companies in the fashion industry increased their sales last year from around 12 billion euros to a total of around 131 billion euros.

Largest growth potential – luxury, sports and fast fashion chains

The current ranking shows that luxury, sports and fast fashion chains such as Zara have the greatest growth potential. Among the top ten in the fashion industry are four luxury companies: Kering, ranked fourth, LVMH fifth, Chanel sixth and Hermès ninth.

Among the top ten were Inditex, H&M and three other fast-fashion concepts, including Primark (seventh), C&A (eighth) and Next (tenth).

Highest-turnover companies in the German fashion trade

In addition to the ranking of the largest European fashion brands, the textile industry has published a list of the top-selling companies in the German fashion trade. As in the previous year, the ranking is led by the Otto Group from Hamburg. Second place went to H&M and C&A, followed by third place. Online retailers in particular recorded double-digit growth last year, with Zalando, Amazon and Asos leading the way. The 90 companies listed in the ranking together generated a turnover of 38.7 billion euros. This is an increase of around 900 million euros (2.4 percent).


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