Sensormatic Solutions found out that the busiest sales days for 2019 fall on the Advent season.

Sensormatic Solutions has published the annual ShopperTrak forecasts for the five strongest shopping days in German retail in 2019. As a division of Johnson Controls, the company’s goal is to provide intelligent solutions for the retail industry.

The analysis was conducted using more than 1.5 million data collection devices in use. ShopperTrak uses its systems to record around 40 billion customer visits to retail outlets each year.

December 14 becomes busiest shopping day

According to the analysis, December 14 – the penultimate Saturday before Christmas – will once again be the busiest shopping day in the entire pre-Christmas period. For the past three years, this has been the busiest day in German shops. In 2018, customer frequency on the Saturday in question even increased by 75% above the normal daily average.

Christmas is the most popular time for shopping

The Advent Saturdays are also the day of the week: the analysis shows that on the three Saturdays before Christmas a particularly large number of visitors will find their way into the shops. The third (21 December) and the first Saturday (7 December) will therefore both find themselves in the top 5 of the busiest shopping days of 2019 and occupy second and third place respectively.

Black Friday is not in the top five but important

Although Black Friday is not yet among the top five most visited days in the trade, it is becoming more and more popular. Over the past three years, Germany has shown that the relevance of Black Friday continues to grow and that it will probably soon be the fourth largest shopping day of the entire pre-Christmas period.

Here is an overview of the top 5 December 2019:

14 December 2019: penultimate Saturday before Christmas

21 December 2019: “Super Saturday” (last Saturday before Christmas)

7 December 2019: first Saturday in December

30 November 2019: “Black Friday” Saturday

28 December 2019: Saturday after the Christmas holidays


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