From 13 August to the end of September, Tchibo is offering various collections made from recycled materials. The sustainable product highlights include environmentally friendly sports and women’s fashion. Tchibo is now the world’s third largest supplier of organic cotton and was named Germany’s most sustainable large company in 2016.

In the textile industry, the production of clothing consumes a high level of water and energy consumption, which contributes significantly to the global environmental impact. As one of the major fashion retailers, Tchibo is aware of the responsibility for sustainable production. For more than ten years, the company has been committed to continuously optimizing its material usage and manufacturing processes. Tchibo is on the way to becoming a 100% sustainable company.

Tchibo sportswear with Ocean Plastic

Tchibo aims to protect the environment by using the regenerated or recycled materials in its sport collection. This is where Econyl yarn, an innovative and sustainable nylon fiber, is used. Among other things, the fiber is obtained from old fishing nets. For example, 12.2 grams of fishing nets were used to make a sports bustier from the Tchibo collection. Recycled PET bottles were also used in the production of sportswear. For example, each 3/4 running trousers contains 17 processed PET bottles. Parts of the sports collection will be available from August 14.

Environmentally impregnated rainwear

Tchibo uses the innovative and environmentally friendly ecorepel impregnation for its rainwear. Harmful chemicals are often used in the production process to make clothing dirt- and water-repellent. These can damage the nature and health of humans. The water protection Tchibo uses is based on nature. The impregnation allows the water to drip off the textiles and does not restrict the breathability of the fibers. Rainwear can be purchased in Tchibo stores from 4 September.

Socks with organic cotton

From 11 September there will also be a colorful collection of socks made of organic cotton. “Over 80 percent of the cotton used in our apparel and home textiles already comes from sustainable sources,” is stated in a Tchibo press release. In 2017, the company produced 50 million products with organic cotton, saving around 19 billion liters of water in cultivation.

Sustainable women’s fashion: Green Fashion

The Green Fashion collection will be available from 18 September. The collection combines sustainable materials with a durable design. For these, sustainable cotton, recycled synthetic fibers and recycled wool were used.

Since coffee has long been part of the Hamburg coffee roaster’s permanent range, the Tchibo branches have Fairtrade certified Barista coffees. The extensive commitment also includes the offer of reusable cups and 100 percent recycled coffee capsules.


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Image: Tchibo GmbH