After the takeover by Smyths Toys Superstores, the toy retailer had to struggle with speculation over and over again. The company actively opposes this. Toys’R’Us denies closure rumours.

After the sale in the DACH region to the Irish toy retailer Smyth Toys, there had repeatedly been speculations about branch closures. According to Toys’rR’Us, this also affected the branch in Neuss in the Rhineland. The company makes it clear that it does not intend to leave its location near Düsseldorf. Toys’R’Us denies closure rumours and points to good business. “Despite all end-time hypotheses,” as stated literally from the head office, the company is developing positively and continues to assert its market position. The Group currently has 93 branches in German-speaking countries as well as national online shops. Since May 2018 Toys’R’Us Central Europe belongs to the Irish Smyths Toys Company. Smyths Toys was founded over thirty years ago in the Republic of Ireland. Today, with more than 110 locations, the company is the leading multi-channel toy retailer in English-speaking Europe.

Toys’R’Us denies closure rumours and banks on expansion

Detlef Mutterer, Managing Director of Toys’R’Us Central Europe, explains that his company is on the path to expansion: “Trade is change – and especially in today’s digital age, people are preparing for rapid change. In our case, this means that we can look positively into the future. With the takeover by Smyths Toys, we have the opportunity to grow further and expand our business solidly and extensively”. The Group is currently looking for new, conveniently located locations in cities with more than 80,000 inhabitants in the DACH region.

Latest location opened in Austria at the end of August

One example is the latest new opening. The newest store in Parndorf, Austria, was opened on 30 August with an area of around 1,000 square metres. “We are very pleased about the opening of our new store in Parndorf and the associated expansion of our stores in Austria. By opening this store we are opening up Burgenland and are thus directly with our customers from this region. Together with the surrounding retailers, we offer our customers an all-embracing shopping experience,” says Franz Schweighofer, Sales Manager for Austria and Switzerland at Toys’R’Us.


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Link: Nach dem Kauf durch Smyth Toys – Toys’R’Us tritt Schließungsgerüchten entgegen

Image: Toys’R’Us