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3 questions for trend analyst Hannah Matthews of the agency “Trend Bible”. Trend Bible supports and advises companies in the areas of living and interiors, fast-moving consumer goods, and the baby and children’s sector. 

What challenges and influencing factors are facing families nowadays?

It is precisely in these politically and economically uncertain times that one’s home is more than ever a place of security. The place where families can retreat and escape. We see this manifestation in different ways from cosy design movements like “hygge” to fantasy and mythical creatures to frivolous, playful designs that embody silliness and innocence. All that allows us to switch off and escape the 24/7 negative news culture surrounding us every day.

What impact do virtual worlds have on consumers?

We see that the virtual world has a big impact on the existing baby and children‘s market. The increase in technologies from the areas of “virtual and extended reality” helps to create „blending experiences“ for children, while improving play and education. In the new generation, we see a clear trend towards a more open approach to new digital ways of monitoring health, wellbeing, and the whereabouts of one’s children.

How do you decide which trends to forecast?

When forecasting trends for the baby and children‘s sector, we look at a wide range of factors such as education, childhood, family history, the future of technology, health, and nutrition. All these factors can play a key role in determining a trend. So, at Trend Bible, we have a number of methods to understand how quickly a trend will move from one consumer group to the next.
The Trend Bible trend agency was founded by Joanna Feeley in Newcastle upon Tyne in England in 2008. Trend Bible supports and advises companies in the areas of living and interiors, fast moving consumer goods, and the baby and children’s sector.
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