One of the ultimate discoveries at Playtime – the newcomer brand “UNAUthorized”. The brand pays tribute to the synergetic relationship between father and son with “style and attitude”.

With a provocative debut, UNAUthorized addresses the ‘father and son’ target group. It’s about a lifestyle that father and son share – a self-referential look. The style makes children look grown-up, while, for the men, it soothes the child in the man. UNAUthorized is urban and casual with class.

Behind the streetwear label UNAUthorized, you will find the Scandinavian success story MINI A TURE with chief designer Arman Khaki Motlagh as a guide. With UNAUthorized, the Scandinavians will be represented at Playtime Paris, New York ENK Show, as well as in different showrooms across Europe, including in North and South Germany.

Images: UNAUthorized