This year, Lässig celebrated its tenth anniversary. Managing director Claudia Lässig spoke about what is important to a successful company.

Luna Journal: How has Lässig changed since its inception? Has a different target group developed over the years?

Claudia Lässig: We began with a small collection of changing bags. Today, LÄSSIG is mainly known for its fashionable changing bags, but also for its baby and children‘s products. Over the years, we have greatly expanded our product range with a comprehensive range of baby and child products. Right now, we have over 2,000 Lässig items.

The target group has not changed, but has expanded in a lovely way. By expanding our product range, we now accompany families from their first purchase of baby equipment right through to the first day at school of the proud young learners.

Lässig recently received the 2017 German Brand Award for your innovative marketing in linking innovative fashion with a focus on sustainability and social commitment. In addition, you were honoured as the Top Innovator 2017 and received the „Most Innovative Brand of the Year“ award. What do these awards mean to you?

It makes us incredibly proud. This form of recognition shows us that our work and commitment is appreciated and will even be rewarded. The awards give the whole Lässig team a big confirmation that we are going to have even more fun at work in the future. It encourages us to continue on this path and to continue to improve.

 Lässig has established itself successfully on the market. The company employs 70 people and is known in 55 countries. What are your plans for the future?

We would like to establish ourselves on the market in the baby equipment segment, and become a firm and stable partner for the industry. Worldwide, we want to expand our brand awareness and make our company more visible on the market. In Germany, we are known almost exclusively as a manufacturer of changing bags. We want to change that. Our goal is for our Lässig team to continue to develop good products that meet with enthusiasm in the trade.

How do you successfully develop products that are comfortable and casual, yet also fashionable?

In our team, all of us live the company’s easy casual look, which makes it easy for us to incorporate it into our range. We simply go from there: we design products that we like.

Claudia Lässig
Before founding her company, Claudia Lässig, managing director of Lässig and mother of two children, led a company for babies and children. With the goal of filling a gap in the market, she founded together with Stefan Lässig the brand “Lässig”.

You have a children‘s collection called “Little Monsters”. What’s the story there?

Children like to have monsters around because it makes them feel stronger and protected. With us, there are no scary monsters. Our monsters are rather sweet. We want to take away children‘s fear of monsters and show them that monsters are not dangerous. The main reason for our “Little Monsters” bag collection was that we wanted to make children safer in traffic. The highlight of the collection is therefore that the monsters have reflective eyes, teeths and ears. This feature protects children in traffic and turns the monsters into heroes and rescuers. Our ambition was to bring out a collection for the little ones that would be fun, while also preparing them for road safety. I think we succeeded.

Different animal motifs are often depicted on Lässig’s children‘s products. Do they have a deeper meaning?

We like the motifs (laughs). If we like a design, then we use it for our products. Often, we also work with motifs to set projects in motion and to draw attention to injustice. That is the case with the “Shark Project”, where we are fighting against the extinction of sharks. With that project, we want to counter the mistaken belief that sharks are bloodthirsty creatures. At the same time, we are drawing attention to the extinction of the animals by overfishing. That‘s why we chose the motif of a weeping shark. Children are very inquisitive and curious and often question everything. So the sad shark becomes a topic of conversation. The idea is that families can then discuss the topic together.

Why did you choose a young deer for the Lässig brand logo?

A young deer is vulnerable and fragile, just like babies and toddlers who belong to our target group.

You now produce changing bags for men. Are fathers interested in these bags? To what extent do they differ from the women‘s changing bags?

We have definitely recorded a positive interest in the changing bags for men. The design for the men’s bags was sporty and simple, whereas the women’s bags were more colourful and decorated with details. The functionality is the same for all bags. We also carry gender-neutral backpacks and bags that both men and women can choose freely.

Sustainability is very important to the company. How does this affect the manufacturing process? What are you particularly interested in with regards to this topic?

Sustainability is very important to the company and an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That is why we have developed a sustainability strategy based on 5 pillars:

  • Production
  • Materials and products
  • Engagement
  • Employees
  • Costumers

We choose our production sites personally and carefully. This is followed by a regular inspection of the suppliers, because we do not just rely on certificates but rather get our own personal impressions on site. We are also committed to a wide range of environmental and animal welfare projects, as well as projects to protect children. We want to change things and not just talk. However, the actual foundation of our success is our qualified and motivated employees. This is why we offer long-term jobs and flexible working models. Last but not least, the satisfaction of our customers is just as important to us. This is why we value feedback and incorporate it into our decisions.

In general, you are highly committed to social issues and support many projects. In doing so, you advocate not only for animals, but also for sick children and against violence. Why are these issues so important to your company?

We are active in the segment and are surrounded daily by themes that affect children. This makes it obvious that Lässig will confront these issues. In addition to children who need protection, it is important for us to think about nature. We have had a lot of success with our brand in recent years and want to give something back. With the „Grow Trees“ campaign, for example, we plant a tree for every charity bag that we sell. With this campaign, we want to support the environment and do our bit. We cannot completely change the world, but we can make it a little bit better.

Image: Lässig