Toy safety and CE marking

Nadja Lüders is a qualified designer and TÜV/DVSI certified expert for toy safety. She gives companies and dealers tips on what to consider when selling a safe toy.

In the following webinar Nadja Lüders, Dipl.- Designerin and TÜV/DVSI certified expert for toy safety explains what you have to consider when selling safe toys. She explains, among other things, which regulations have to be observed, what role suppliers play and what has to be considered in case of potential sources of error. Using a sample copy, Mrs. Lüders illustrates which data belong on a CE label.

The webinar is divided into the following sections:

  • Safety through CE marking
  • Cooperation with suppliers
  • Use of risk management
  • Perform checks
  • Declaration of conformity: What must be observed?
  • This is how the correct CE marking works
  • Correct technical documentation
  • The role of public authorities and organisations
  • Testing instruments

About Nadja Lüders

Under the motto “make it easy”, Nadja Lüders, a graduate product designer, explains the complex legal requirements for toys in a clear, objective, motivating and as easy to implement way as possible. In addition to personal advice, Nadja also offers online courses.

As the chairman of her heart project “Wir machen Spielzeug e.V.”, Nadja supports small manufacturers in bringing their toys onto the market and networking. The members get access to the toy standards and a lot of information about the safe production of toys. In 2012 Nadja founded the association with other toy manufacturers. As a “creative mom”, she produced children’s products herself and sold them locally at markets and in a small online shop. She wanted a better overview of the requirements for toys and took it into her own hands to make it easier for other manufacturers to understand. In the meantime Nadja has established herself as an expert, advising start-ups, social workshops and larger toy manufacturers online and offline. She cooperates with professional associations, authorities and standardization committees. A sustainable manufacturing practice is a major concern for her, which she actively supports in the toy industry and in politics.


CE for toys – “make it easy”
Dipl.- Designerin Nadja Lüders

Stuttgarter Platz 2
DE-10627 Berlin