Online trading has long been criticised by environmentalists. This not only causes a higher volume of traffic, but also generates more packaging waste. Zalando has now put the latter on his agenda to change.

Zalando plans to produce less waste and carbon dioxide in the future. With these goals in mind, the e-commerce company plans to become more environmentally friendly. In the future, personal care products will no longer be delivered in plastic bags, but in paper bags. It is also planned to replace conventional cardboard boxes for shoes and clothing with reusable packaging. “We believe that sustainability will be an important driver of our business,” said CEO David Schneider on Wednesday at the Annual General Meeting in Berlin.

Zalando uses reusable packaging

The planned returnable packaging is initially only a pilot project. In addition, many questions still need to be clarified, including how the deposit for the boxes will behave. This accounts for 60 percent of Zalando’s carbon dioxide emissions, explains Nicolas Huber of asset manager DWS.

At the main meeting in Berlin, board member David Schneider called for online trading to become more environmentally friendly. This is also an important driver for the company’s business success.

In the past fiscal year, Zalando had to struggle with the fact that orders in Italy, for example, were getting smaller and smaller. This increased the number of parcels regardless of the packaging, which resulted in more transport journeys and more CO2. Zalando now only delivers free of shipping costs above a certain amount. This now also applies to Spain and the British Isles. In the future, the minimum order value will also be introduced in Scandinavia. The result is that the shopping baskets will be somewhat larger again, says CEO Rubin Ritter. According to Ritter, the trend could only be slowed down, not stopped. “We do not believe that it would be good for the business to try to reverse this trend by hook or by crook. In Germany, the most important market, there is probably no minimum order value.


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