The Kantar Institute has published the second edition of the 75 most valuable retail brands (BrandZ Retail Top 75). It shows that Amazon held its top position (USD 315.5 billion) ahead of Alibaba. In the apparel sector, on the other hand, the company giants Zara and H&M, influenced by ecological factors, are slipping down several places in the retail ranking.

In the current BrandZ Retail Top 75 ranking, traditional fashion brands performed worse than in the previous year. For example, the Spanish fashion brand Zara slipped to 12th place, two positions below the previous year’s result. The value of the fashion brand fell by 10 percent to USD 22.6 billion. The Swedish company H&M dropped 15 places to 37th place and lost 39 percent of its value. Kantar explains the poor performance of the fast fashion companies: “They were affected by the growing concerns of customers about production costs, transportation and the purchase of disposable products.

Customer expectations are changing

“The clothing sector has come under pressure, customer expectations are changing. Industry darling Zara, who is regarded as the inventor of fast fashion even before the advent of online retailing, has had a difficult year. This despite the success of athleisure clothing, the increasing popularity of sports and lifestyle brands and the clear interest of customers in health and fitness,” says the institute.

Sports brands rise in the rankings

Nike ranks 7th overall (USD 47.4 billion) in the retail brand rankings and repeatedly tops the apparel company rankings. The Canadian sports label Lululemon has achieved the biggest rise in the entire ranking. The brand occupies 35th place in the BrandZ Retail Top 75 and increases its value by 94 percent to USD 6.9 billion. Adidas ranks 20th with an increase of 13 percent.

Levi’s as well as North Face make their way into the rankings. The latest Levi’s IPO puts the brand in 74th place. North Face, on the other hand, directly occupies 66th place.

French brands top the luxury rankings

In the second edition of the Retail Brands Ranking, French brands lead the Luxury Ranking. Louis Vuitton is 6th, Chanel 8th and Hermès 10th. Among the newcomers to the BrandZ ranking is Saint Laurent, which came in 58th with USD 3.57 billion.


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