With “Playmobil pro – modelling for professionals”, the Brandstätter Group launched a new moderation set on the market in August. The company is thus penetrating a market worth billions.

It is probably the most popular form of executive development: coaching. More than 500 million euros are spent each year in Germany on this further training measure. The total market for continuing education is even estimated at 6.4 billion euros. Whether in the adult education completely generally, the training of high-level personnel or in conflict Workshops: The moderation kit is usually an indispensable component. The Brandstätter Group has now put its foot in the door of this market with Playmobil Pro. The aim of the new moderation set is to support both proven and new creative methods for shaping the modern working world. It is aimed at companies, specialists for creative and conflict workshops, in-house trainers, coaches as well as all service providers in the business sector, consulting and adult education.

Suitcase of Playmobil pro contains 23 figures and much accessories

The basic equipment of Playmobil pro consists of a mobile case system with sorting option. On four floors, it contains 23 white figures and more than 480 accessories and aids for moderation. The figures can be individually inscribed again and again at will, so that they fit into any conceivable situation or scene. The use of the material collection is not bound to specific specifications or instructions. The set is flexibly suitable for all modern working methods and management trends such as design thinking or change management. According to the company, the response has been very positive. “Already the first announcement of Playmobil pro has brought us many inquiries. The interest from companies but also from universities and coaches is enormous. Particularly when it comes to personal and team-related topics, our offer closes a gap,” says Frank Müller, Head of Business Development at the Brandstätter Group.

App documents progress

Playmobil pro has been tested since January by employees of large corporations such as Bosch, Siemens, Adidas and Beiersdorf. Their feedback flowed into the revision of the set. Brandstätter also sees possible applications in the education sector, in the psychological or educational context. The Playmobil figures are used to visualize situations or relationships. In order to document the progress and results of the work, the creators also offer their own app and background information for download. This allows photographs of individual process steps to be taken and shared in the appropriate format. In addition, users have the opportunity to be part of a Playmobil pro community, present their best practice examples and exchange information. The set offers Playmobil for 499 euros net.

Lego has long been active in the continuing education market

With Playmobil Pro Brandstätter follows the example of Lego. Lego Serious Play has been available since 1996. Lego building blocks play a central role in these workshops. Three-dimensional situations are reconstructed, modified and optimized. Numerous coaches have specialized in this LSP called form of workshops and offer their trainings. Two professors and the Lego CEO Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen developed the idea for these workshops around team building and strategy development.


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Link: The Playmobil pro moderation set is aimed at adult education providers.

Picture: Playmobil