MARKETS Market for children’s clothing shows saturation tendencies

Only slight growth rates and this despite rising birth rates. A new study by IFH Köln and BBE Handelsberatung focuses on…

October 15, 2018

TOYS Playmobil further expands business around Dragons license

Only recently Playmobil has entered the licensing market. Obviously with success. Since now the group has launched furth…

October 12, 2018

HARDWARE Öko-Test checks baby sleeping bags and criticizes insufficient warnings

For safe sleep in young children, experts recommend the use of baby sleeping bags. By using a sleeping bag, the risk of…

October 11, 2018

MARKETS Strong sales increase in the third quarter of online trading

The current figures for the 3rd quarter of 2018 of the major consumer survey conducted by the German E-Commerce and Dist…

October 11, 2018

MARKETS Rental services: Respond flexibly and cost-effectively to changing children’s needs

In Germany there are more and more rental services for baby and childen’s toys, clothing or outfitting. In addition to e…

October 11, 2018

COMPANIES Jürgen Vedie is no longer a member of the board at

The online retailer and COO Jürgen Vedie have separated. The two board members Matthias Peuckert and Dr. Niko…

October 10, 2018

FASHION Öko-Test calls for children’s rubber boots free of harmful substances

Öko-Test has tested 16 children’s rubber boots for harmful substances. In the past, the rubber boots tested repeatedly a…

October 9, 2018

FAIRS & EVENTS Children’s fashion fair Playtime gives up Berlin as location

The Playtime children’s fashion fair has taken place in Berlin for three seasons now. Unfortunately, the number of visit…

October 8, 2018

MARKETS Shopping without borders: Payment methods are crucial for cross-border e-commerce

Buying products and services online has long been part of everyday life. 80 percent of Germans shop on online at least o…

October 8, 2018

MARKETS Germany’s best online shops 2018 selected

On 20 September 2018, the best online shops in Germany 2018 were honored in Berlin. In the child & baby category, Mytoys…

October 8, 2018

COMPANIES Dove introduces anti-image-editing seal

With the introduction of a new seal, the body care brand Dove is setting another example for more realistic advertising….

October 5, 2018

HARDWARE Stiftung Warentest tests children’s mattresses – safety standard to protect children

Since fall 2017, there has been a standard for children’s mattresses that defines the standards by which safety can be m…

October 4, 2018

COMPANIES Sales increase at Lego and growth in Chinese market

Following the drop in profits in 2017, the Group is now reporting more positive results again. Above all, the Chinese ma…

October 3, 2018

HARDWARE Anniversary with a new name: Joie becomes Allison

Joie GmbH celebrated its fifth anniversary in August. And not only that: The company has recently been renamed to Alliso…

October 2, 2018

FASHION Kenzo Kids: Opening of the first store in Hong Kong

KENZO Kids – a member of the Kidiliz Group – opens its first store in Hong Kong. “Harbour City”, the largest shopping ce…

September 27, 2018