Emmaljunga and Cybex are launching their first motorised prams this year. Luna Journal reports on the prams of the future.

The pram industry is upgrading and launching new electric prams on the market. These assist parents in pushing with a built-in electric motor. This development has been foreseeable for a few years now. There have already been a few high-tech models. Now two renowned baby carriage manufacturers are launching their electric models on the market.

Both Emmaljunga and Cybex had already presented their new electric models at the Kind + Jugend trade fair in Cologne in September 2018.

Emmaljunga cooperates with technology specialist Bosch

In winter 2019, the Swedish pram manufacturer Emmaljunga will launch the NXT90e electric pram on the market. It reacts intuitively. The degree of electrical support can be adjusted via an app and adapted to individual needs. Uphill the user is supported, downhill the car also brakes. If the car starts to roll, it is also braked automatically. The electric pushchair is equipped with two noiseless electric motors developed by Bosch, which enable pushing with any load and gradient. The model also has additional intelligent functions. For example, LEDs on the wheels indicate the current driving status and the smartphone can be charged via a USB port. The car also has anti-theft protection, which can be activated if necessary. The price is expected to be between 2000 and 2500 euros.

Cybex presents prototypes E-Priam

Cybex also presented its prototype to a selected audience for the first time at Kind + Jugend 2018. However, the Cybex electric pushchair will not be presented to the public until later this year. Only this much the company wants to reveal in advance: “There are products that make our lives noticeably easier: Internet-based, personal assistants and Smart Watches help us to master everyday life. The parents of the Digital Natives generation are increasingly integrating technical products into everyday life with their children. As an innovative company, Cybex is meeting the demands of modern parents and the company motto “For all tomorrow’s people” with the planned market launch of an e-stroller.”

Prams develop into high-tech products

The first electric pushchair on the market was the Foppapedretti Myo Tronic. This was already awarded the RedDot Design Award in 2011. The selling price is about 1800 Euro to 3000 Euro.

The Origami 4moms is a high-tech pushchair that folds up and rebuilds automatically at the push of a button. It also has generator-driven path lighting and an integrated LCD display. This provides information on temperature, speed, battery charge level, distance covered and duration. It also indicates whether the child is sitting in the car at all.

The pram market will certainly change a lot in the future. A crowd-funding campaign for the Smartbe gives a good impression of what might come. This baby carriage with electric motor has a built-in rocker, a bottle warmer and music. It is also able to drive “independently”. Besides that it is also illuminated and has a climate- and temperature-controlled tub. Built-in cameras allow parents to monitor the child even if they are not directly on site and there is anti-theft protection.

Perhaps such prams will soon no longer be dreams of the future.


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Link: Emmaljunga and Cybex launch innovative high-tech pram

Image: Emmaljunga