It is a real side blow against the classic parcel deliverers. Amazon has announced that it will initially help small companies in the USA to set up delivery services. The group wants to become more independent in this way.

On Amazon’s Prime Day campaign day in mid-July, over 1.1 million fashion & footwear items and more than 900,000 sports & leisure products were sold in Germany and Austria alone. These goods must be brought to the customers. According to Handelsblatt und WirtschaftsWoche, traditional parcel service providers are increasingly too expensive for Amazon and leave much to be desired in terms of quality. Amazon is therefore increasingly relying on its own solutions. In Germany, for example, these are ordered drivers who deliver parcels via Amazon Flex For some years now, our own delivery stations, the Amazon Locker, have also been on the rise. They are located at petrol stations or shops where customers can pick up their goods at these self-service terminals. Amazon is now testing a new approach in the USA. There, the Group supports entrepreneurs in developing delivery services.

New Amazon delivery services can be set up for a maximum of $10,000

The offer is addressed to individuals who have little or no experience in logistics. Amazon helps them to establish, build and manage their own supply business. With the delivery of Amazon packages – the promise – successful owners with a fleet of up to 40 delivery vehicles could earn up to $300,000 a year. They would benefit from Amazon know-how such as training, delivery technology, discounts on vehicles, clothing and insurance. This should enable interested parties to open their own company for less than $10,000. As a goal, Amazon names hundreds of new delivery services in the USA with tens of thousands of delivery drivers delivering the group’s parcels.

The corporation needs more delivery capacities

The reason for this foray? Amazon’s statement reads as if the group does not trust its existing logistics partners to be able to keep up with the growth in e-commerce. Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Amazon: “We have great partners with our traditional carriers and it is exciting to see the logistics industry continue to grow. Customer demand is higher than ever and we need to build more capacity.” He promises that Amazon will “enable new, small companies to set up in order to take advantage of the growing opportunities offered by e-commerce.”

Deutsche Post fears revenue losses

Amazon’s foray is likely to be a real challenge to the traditional parcel service providers in other countries as well. Amazon traditionally tests new services in its home country before introducing them in other countries. The Handelsblatt shows what this could mean for Deutsche Post. Accordingly, the group expects to lose around 154 million parcels to Amazon in 2022.


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