FloFlo Kids is exhibiting at CIFF KIDS for the first time

CIFF KIDS is taking place in Copenhagen these days. One of the exhibitors is the brand-new lifestyle brand FloFlo Kids, which wants to capture the market’s attention for its sustainable, knitted alpaca wool products.

The young label FloFlo Kids was founded just a short time ago, in June 2017, as an offshoot of FloFlo. At CIFF KIDS, the Danish company is presenting its hand-knitted children’s clothing, as well as home accessories and toys. “The special feature of our products is that they are made from 100% alpaca wool and are multifunctional. The alpaca wool offers the customer a much softer comfort than products made from sheep’s wool. We are delighted to present our sustainable products at CIFF KIDS for the first time,” says Maiken Lyster, designer and CEO of the FloFlo Kids brand.

The FloFlo Kids label wants to counteract the disposable fashion culture, and produces with a view to longevity. The multifunctionality of its products and the alpaca wool used in the production is intended to allow a much longer use, according to the managing director.

Let the games begin

The S/S 18 collection has turned the guiding principle of longevity into a reality. In addition to their actual function, many lifestyle articles also offer a playful use. One example of this idea is a blanket that is suitable for cuddling and warming up, but also scores bonus points with playful extras. In addition to its actual use, the Tic-Tac-Toe blanket can be used as a game board. The matching pillows can then be used as the game pieces.


Sun, moon, and stars

Cushions in the shape of figures have been designed for the little ones. The brand chose to give faces to the sun, the moon, and stars. The heavenly bodies are characterised by large eyes and a mouth like the semi-circle of a child’s drawing. These cute details give the cushion a personal touch.

Improve the other side of the world

The CEO Maiken Lyster employs Bolivian women, who live alone in women’s homes. The local women, who are masters of their craft, produce the hand-knitted products from alpaca wool. The women are predominantly single parents. Through their work, they can support themselves and their children.

The FloFlo and FloFlo Kids labels don’t want to produce trends that change several times a year. The basic idea is to be able to use the products in the long term by using quality materials in the manufacturing process. “Our brand’s goal is to improve life for some women on the other side of the world, and to make life more beautiful for people in this hemisphere,” explains Lyster.

Link: floflo.dk
Picture: FloFlo Kids


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