Lobster & Lemonade Apparel is still a relatively young player in the licensing business for accessories and children’s fashion. Founded in 2012, the Darmstadt lifestyle label has a special focus on headgear. The company recently added two cartoon characters: “The show with the mouse” and “The little mole”. The trademark rights were granted for two years, including an extension option, by the WDR Mediagroup which holds the licenses for both formats in all product areas.

The resulting Character Collection was released in mid-May. The launch has been promising, according to the two managing directors of Lobster & Lemonade, Erdem Keles and Christian Hinz. Lobster & Lemonade has already sold around 600 caps, which represents a turnover of around 10,000 euros.

“The Character Collection is the first collection for which we have special products for children. Children’s fashion is new territory for us and presents us with a fresh challenge. We must adapt our sales and marketing to the new clientele,” said Keles and Hinz to Luna Journal.

Until now, Lobster & Lemonade were mainly active in the sports sector – for example with the headwear of football clubs such as the 1. FC Nürnberg. “One advantage of the Character Collection compared to our sports-related collections is that it enjoys a recognition and popularity that is not confined to one region. This naturally opens up the possibility for us to reach a wider customer base,” said the managing directors of their new business areas and licenses.

For Keles and Hinz, the exciting thing about the licensing business is being able to combine existing brands and logos with their own ideas and products, creating a win-win situation. “Everything has to fit together”, as Luna Journal noted in our recent report on similar business models.

“We benefit from the image and the familiarity of the licensed brand and, for the brand, we bring original and fashionable products to the market. The biggest challenge is to win the approval of the existing fanbase. The hardcore fans are the toughest critics. However, if you can win them over with the new presentation/interpretation of ‘their’ brand, then it will be a success for everyone involved,” conclude the CEOs of Lobster & Lemonade.

In the middle of July, the label will present its Character Collection at Kindermoden Nord in Hamburg, Kids Now in Wallau, and Supreme Kids in Munich.


Images: Lobster & Lemonade