In May 2017, the baby article manufacturer MAM will launch their new hygienic wipes, which have been specially developed for safe cleanliness while out and about.

Specially developed to thoroughly clean baby bottles and accessories, MAM’s hygienic wipes have a unique and powerful disinfecting formula. With this formula, baby items such as dummies, teething rings, medical devices like thermometers, and surfaces can be gently cleansed of viruses and bacteria. Due to the thorough removal of the germs, infectious diseases can be prevented.

To ensure an optimal and natural hygiene, the formula includes no perfumes, dyes, or alcohol. This allows the user to safely clean the baby’s crockery, wipeable toys, and other items that come into contact with baby’s mouth.

The wipes come in resealable packaging and offer the perfect hygienic protection at home or out and about, while traveling or while using communal facilities. They also fit into any changing bag or handbag. The MAM hygienic wipes will be launched in May 2017 (RRP: 1.99 EUR).

Photo: MAM