Ford is considering mass-producing its “Max Motor Dreams” children’s bed. The bed was designed for a promotional campaign from Ford Spain, which focused on the family-friendliness of Ford’s “MAX” family, which includes the Ford C-MAX and Ford S-MAX models.

Most infants and toddlers fall asleep remarkably fast when out and about in the car. Especially in the first months, where a night’s sleep is rare, the obligatory ride around the block is a particularly popular method with parents whose children suffer from sleep problems. Car manufacturer Ford offered a solution with its “Max Motor Dreams”. This app-controlled baby bed simulates gentle driving noises and vehicle movements. “After intensive talks with the parents of newborns, we know that they are often desperate for a night’s rest. But the mothers and fathers don’t want to get behind the wheel every night, just so their child will finally sleep peacefully. The ‘Max Motor Dreams’ can help children to fall asleep, thus lightening the load for many people in their day-to-day life,” says Alejandro López Bravo, a designer at the Spanish creative studio Espada y Santa Cruz.

Right now, the “Max Motor Dreams” children’s bed is still a pilot project. But after numerous inquiries, Ford is now considering bringing this unique product to the market.

Images: PR