The consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest and the car-owner association ADAC examined 16 children’s car seats for the current issue of “test” magazine (11/2017). The result: Recaro Child Safety’s car seats scored “good” three times. The “Recaro Guardia” and “Privia Evo” infant carriers in the 0+ group, and the “Zero.1 Elite” child seat (up to 105 cm) scored in terms of accident safety, handling, ergonomic properties, and toxin tests.

A child car seat should protect – always and with 100% reliability. To ensure and test this, Stiftung Warentest and ADAC regularly check the child car seats sold in Germany. A total of 16 seats were tested for the current issue of “test” magazine. The impartial review focused on safety, handling, ergonomics, and pollution. The test committee were convinced by the three Recaro children’s seats, awarding a “good” rating.

In product group 0+, two models were put through their paces. The Guardia, the most successful and lightweight (3.9 kg) model of the Recaro infant carriers, received the grade “good” (1.8, where 1.0 is the best and 5.0 is the worst). The patented Hero belt system ensures safety by preventing the belts from twisting or slipping. The additional seat reducer allows newborns an ergonomic and back-supporting lying position. The comfort features also include a sun visor and a mesh insert, which ensures optimal ventilation. Last but not least, the design of the infant carrier impressed with its high operating and carrying comfort.

Another lightweight from the Recaro family, the Privia Evo infant carrier (3.9 Kg), also received a particularly positive score. The baby carrier with integrated sunroof scored points (1.8) with the proven Recaro comfort and safety features. Both infant carriers were tested in combination with the new SmartClick Isofix base, which allows quick, simple, and safe installation in the vehicle. Coloured controls provide intuitive handling, with a control window at the base signalling, at a glance, whether the installation has been carried out correctly.

The Marktleugast-based company is particularly proud of the new Zero.1 Elite (i-Size) and the more than satisfactory score of 2.5. With the reboarder, Recaro Child Safety has introduced an innovation that unites two products in one. The combination of baby carrier and child seat can be used from birth up to a size of 105 cm. The 360-degree turning function of the child seat plays a central role. One handgrip is sufficient to comfortably place the child in the car or to remove the carrier from the car. With a lightweight 2.9 kg, the Zero.1 Elite thus offers all the advantages of a baby carrier in combination with a full ” 0 + / I group” child seat.

Images: Recaro Child Safety