Trend innovation from CYBEX: The monsters are loose

CYBEX founder Martin Pos launches the company’s first furniture collection in collaboration with Marcel Wanders, the product and interior designer. The resulting “Monster Chair” by Marcel Wanders is the driving force behind the collection’s design concept. From this inspiration, four cute monster dolls have been developed.

The lifestyle brand came to the world’s attention with its uniquely designed children’s seats, baby carriers, and pushchairs. For the “Parents Collection”, CYBEX has brought on board an internationally acclaimed designer, known as the “Lady Gaga of Design”.

Monster furniture for the whole family

The “Parents Collection” comprises baby bouncers, high chairs, and a pig container. The stylish pig not only looks great, it also provides storage space for toys.

“We thought about how children play. Often, play means that toys are scattered throughout the house. In the end, the toys have to be tidied away. That’s why we designed the Hausschwein [pig] container. Like the rest of the collection, it’s wonderfully stylish and functional at the same time,” announces Marcel Wanders.

The furniture was designed with the guiding principle that design should not only suit the needs of children, but also suit the home furnishings of their parents. The monster motifs take the children into consideration with a playful aspect. The furniture is future-oriented and designed for young and old, to be passed on to the next generation. In addition to the visual aspect, the safety of the little ones is naturally in the foreground.

“Baby furniture should be stylish and playful, modern and simple, but always safe. We have created a wonderful collection, whose designs fit perfectly into the modern, urban lifestyle of the parents, so that they don’t have to change anything when the next generation arrives, “adds Wanders.

Monster fun

Four little monsters were developed from the children’s furniture collection. The artistically produced dolls are designed to promote children’s imagination and curiosity. Here too, the guiding principle has been followed. For the children, the little monsters were designed to be played with. The grown-up children, on the other hand, can integrate the collectable figures into their interior design.

“These clever creatures demonstrate that our designs are complemented by a little colour and wit, in addition to the seriousness of the CYBEX D.S.F innovation principle,” says CYBEX founder Martin Pos.

CYBEX founder Martin Pos and designer Marcel Wanders made a conscious decision not to use common stereotypes in the children’s sector, and instead chose monsters as a motif. Designer toys and manga characters from the Far East provided the inspiration for a collection characterized by clever creatures. By including drawings in the designs, a cartoon-like and playful collection emerged, which sets no limits on the boundless imagination of children

“Monstrously strong” result

The special feature of the furniture collection is the unusual approach of CYBEX founder Martin Pos and designer Marcel Wanders. Both see themselves as rebels, who are constantly searching for new ideas and possibilities in their respective creative areas. The collaboration emerged from a chance encounter, leading to the development of unique products. With the furniture collection and the monster dolls, function is combined with humour. The result won’t cause any shocks or scares. The little monsters can be seen in the form of figures or as decoration on the pieces of furniture. The monsters promote an imaginative playing experience, which has no limits.



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