TOYS PlayMais receives the German Brand Award – Interview with Managing Director Hubert Loick

PlayMais is one of the international leaders in organic toys. The kits carry the “Natural Safe” certificate for healthy and natural toys, the renowned “spiel gut” seal for particularly pedagogically v…

November 14, 2019

COMPANIES Sorgenfresser – Schmidt Spiele secures license until the end of 2030

It is one of the successful licenses Made in Germany. Gerd Hahn’s Sorgenfresser are internationally popular. Therefore Schmidt Spiele continues the cooperation.

November 4, 2019

COMPANIES Lego brings Augmented Reality to the nursery

Shopping 4.0 is a current topic with a lot of development potential. Terms like Virtual or Augmented Reality are becoming more and more common. The blurring of boundaries between the real and virtual…

March 28, 2019

TOYS Ravensburger launches new toi+ game console on the market in autumn

Will this be the successor to the box-office hit tiptoi? Ravensburger presented toi+ at the International Toy Fair. This game console is interactive and does not require a screen.

February 14, 2019

COMPANIES Toniebox Receives LIMA Award for Licensed Product of the Year 2018

The Toniebox is the licensed product of the year 2018. Luna Journal spoke with Patric Faßbender, who invented the Toniebox together with Marcus Stahl, about the licensing industry and the founding of…

January 24, 2019

COMPANIES PlanToys Interview – Toys as a statement against waste

PlanToys stands for sustainability and the communication of values. Alain De Rauw, International Sales Director of PlanToys, spoke with us about the responsibility of companies and the importance of i…

January 15, 2019

TOYS Cool Runnings awarded the innoSPIEL 2018 prize

This year’s award innoSPIEL 2018 goes to Cool Runnings by author Olivier Mahy. At this year’s International Match Days in Essen, Mayor Rudolf Jelinek awarded the prize for the most innovative game ide…

October 26, 2018

TOYS A new app brings Lego bricks to life

Lego becomes virtual: With the new App Lego AR-Studio, small and large builders can bring selected Lego sets to life. The program was developed with the help of Apple’s ARKit, an interface for augment…

December 19, 2017

Family Life Digitalisation of the nursery: smart toys

The billion-dollar business of networked devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way to the nursery. In this year’s Christmas business, so-called smart toys are playing a major role for r…

November 23, 2017

Activity Toys LOOP: Pantolinos Manufaktur wins the German Design Award

Pantolinos Manufaktur has won the German Design Award 2018 in the area of Excellent Product Design in the category “Baby and Child Care”. The expert jury awarded this honour for the company’s leather…

November 23, 2017

TOYS SimyBall Kickstarter campaign kicks off

Today, 14 November, the Viennese start-up SimyLife launches its Kickstarter campaign for the award-winning mobile game controller and biofeedback device in the form of a ball. Thanks to a biofeedback…

November 14, 2017

TOYS Spielwarenmesse – These are the trends in 2018

The Trend Committee of the Spielwarenmesse eG has provided an initial outlook for 2018. The committee has identified the following trends: “Explore Nature”, “Team Spirit”, and “Just for fun”. These wi…

November 2, 2017

TOYS imagno FARM wins the German Design Award 2018

The international jury of the German Design Award 2018 have given the gold award for outstanding design quality in the “Baby & Child Care” category to Kerstin Rudat and Anissa Wagner, founders of the…

October 26, 2017

MODERN LIFE Free Game Apps: Expensive Rip-offs on the Internet

Game apps for smartphones and tablets are very popular with children and teenagers. They are mainly offered for “free” on the Internet and promise excitement and fun. Of 50 popular smartphone games co…

October 12, 2017

Educational Toys Janod: learning to cook easily and playfully

Gone are the days when the new generation had to steal spoons from the kitchen to play at cooking. Now, the little ones get their own pots and pans. In addition to true-to-life functions, the multifun…

August 31, 2017