Good news for couch potatoes

According to a consumer survey conducted in six countries by Reima, the majority of all parents agree: children need exercise and to get out in the fresh air. Is ReimaGO® the solution?

According to the study, 70% of children spend more than two hours a day outdoors. However, this figure sinks drastically once school begins, and the list of excuses is long. Bad weather and the availability of games consoles or computers are the most common reasons for children to stay indoors, reports Riika Paakkunainen, Communications Manager at Reima.

The ReimaGO® concept is targeted at exactly this point. It uses portable technology in the form of a sensor, which is integrated into the outerwear and measures the child’s movements with a playful and child-friendly app.

“We are always thinking boldly and one step ahead. So we turned the tables. Why not use computer games as a motivation to get children moving? This inspiring, easy-to-use app makes the child’s outdoor activities more fun and helps parents motivate their offspring. With ReimaGO®, we are focusing on children’s health and well-being, “says Reima CEO Elina Björklund, explaining the idea behind innovation.

Featured Image: © Reima


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