Janod: learning to cook easily and playfully

Gone are the days when the new generation had to steal spoons from the kitchen to play at cooking. Now, the little ones get their own pots and pans. In addition to true-to-life functions, the multifunctional wooden kitchen from Janod also offers the appropriate accessories.

Just in time for the summer, Janod launches its colourful turquoise and yellow designer kitchen - with happy days baked right in. Special effects are designed to allow the little ones to enjoy a joyous playing and cooking experience.

“Oh Happy Day”

It’s finally time to cook like the grown-ups. The little ones have a free hand in this kitchen and can experiment as much as they like. Realistic light and sound effects from the ceramic hob ensure double pleasure - without any danger. Here, you can even touch the hob without mum and dad getting angry.


Küchenhelfer Janod

To conjure up a menu, the kitchen helpers obviously need all the tools. Thus, the bowl, colander, pot holders, and ladles can be used flexibly during cooking. The microwave with timer and noise allows easy handling. So that the little ones can keep an eye on their cooking fun, there is a clock with moving hands.

Once the three-course menu has been prepared, it’s time to do the washing-up. The built-in washbasin with swivel-mounted tap is designed to help children clean the dishes in the game world. That way, there’s nothing to stop the little ones having a successful start at cooking. The “Happy Day” kitchen from the French company delivers on its promises: “All of Janod’s toys have been designed and developed with a great love for children. In particular, our HAPPY DAY kitchen offers a unique design combined with exciting functions so that small gourmets can enjoy maximum fun when cooking,” says Viktoria Wollmann - sales manager of Juratoys GmbH.

Build your own world


Other innovations from the French brand include the newly interpreted wooden building blocks, which come in a padded plastic carrying bag. The special feature is the 2-in-1 function, which turns the bag into a play blanket. Opening the bag reveals a network of streets, which stretch out, inviting the child to play.

In addition to the blanket, the “Architect” set contains 70 building blocks in the form of boats, cars, high-rise buildings, and trees. The blanket is printed on both sides, offering many playing possibilities. As a bag, it can then store the building blocks again.



Toys with French charm

The French company has been a wooden toy specialist for more than 40 years. Its product range includes wooden puzzles, slotted bricks, play furniture, and doll houses. With its classic and timeless design, Janod captivates both young and old. Its natural and environmentally friendly products are distinguished by their creativity and pedagogical approach. The basic idea is to promote the development of children. Learning is easy with Janod.

Janod - Küche - Happy Day


Photo: Janod


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