-ADVERTISEMENT- The wellness and fitness trend has arrived in the children’s room. Now toy manufacturer Mattel has also taken up this theme and is launching a Barbie® Wellness Collection that playfully shows girls the benefits of their own care.

Nuremberg, January 30, 2020 - Barbie®, the global icon and most versatile doll on the market, introduces a new line of wellness dolls today. In recognition of the increase in emotional wellness practices among girls, such as yoga (which has increased by 63%) and meditation (by 90%) over five years, Barbie will playfully teach girls the benefits of care in 2020.

Barbie® will be mindful!

The Wellness collection includes a total of seven different sets. They teach girls everyday routines that promote emotional well-being and cover three main themes: Meditation, physical well-being and care.
Shown here is the Breathe with Me Barbie. She is a meditation doll that celebrates mindfulness with five guided meditation exercises that use light and sound effects to inspire girls to do their own practice.

Exciting, multi-sensory products allow girls to explore the different facets of well-being while playing out the trends they see around them. Now, with a new Barbie Wellness Collection, children can recreate practices such as meditation and wellness days.

The wellness trend as a play theme

Senior Vice President Lisa McKnight of the Barbie brand stated, “As a brand that is always on the cutting edge of culture, we are proud to introduce our new Barbie line to celebrate the wellness trends that girls see around them at home, school and beyond. From meditation to facial masks, each Barbie product highlights a different facet of wellness to encourage fun, focusing on self-care and personal attention”.
In addition to the Barbie® Wellness Meditation Set shown here, consisting of a doll and other accessories, there will be six more sets - including, for example, a Barbie® Fitness Set or a Barbie® Spa Set.