Anyone looking for new products in the field of toys, motor skills, clothing and accessories should stop by in Hall 3A. The Spielwaren has reserved a special area for young companies only. This joint stand is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the exhibitors are full of fresh ideas. We introduce some of them.

BionicToys enters the trade fair stage with a completely new construction toy. The company has developed a flexible construction toy with which children can recreate various movement apparatuses of the animal and plant world. The sets for the retail market have been completed just in time for the International Toy Fair. Founder Marcel Pasternak: “With its international appeal, the Nuremberg International Toy Fair is an ideal platform for demonstrating the innovative power of our products to customers and traders. In addition, we finally got our patent approved in many countries of the world in 2019, so that we can now also offer exclusive licenses for the retail and education market”. (Stand 3A D-04)


Just in time for the International Toy Fair the BionicTOYS sets for the retail market are ready

Only in July last year compacToys was founded. Here is the name program. The company has designed a foldable and compact sand toy set with a small packing size, which is patent pending and will be shown at the fair for the first time. It consists of seven coordinated sand toys for digging, portioning, shovelling, forming, sieving and transporting. The folding makes transport much easier in daily use and when travelling. (Stand 3A B-05)

Dynamiko Holz und Spiel GmbH from Fridolfing relies on high-quality wooden toys. With their participation in the fair, the managing directors Konrad and Michael Mayer want to personally introduce their products to the trade public and increase the level of awareness. They are also looking for experienced partners for the marketing and distribution of their wooden toys “Made in Germany”. “Among many other things, we are particularly proud to manufacture exclusively with regional partners and in workshops for people with disabilities, as well as of our sophisticated constructions and unique designs, which have recently resulted in a patent for our clamp-free all-wheel steering,” the two managing directors say. (Booth 3A C-09)

High quality wooden toys from Dynamiko Holz und Spiel GmbH.

Also made of wood are the products of Woodcardz. It all started with the popular magnetic wooden postcard, which still gives the company its name today. In handicraft the team covers a wide range of areas from wooden postcards to magnets, earrings and pins up to home decoration elements. The latest product is the Woodpairz - a memory game for young and old. The aim of the game is to memorize the cards that have been revealed and to make a pair among all the others. Due to the material the playing cards do not wear out so quickly. It is the first game that Woodcardz GmbH brings to the market. (Status 3A D-06)

Metallica as a sleeping aid? This is possible with the new music box concept Rock my Sleep. Owner Michael Heimrich promises Rock & pop lullabies instead of LaLeLu. And hits the nerve of parents with the soothing acoustic lullaby cover versions of well-known songs: “The crowdfunding campaign aimed at the DACH region was extremely successful,” reports Heimrich. “Within a few hours, the first funding goal was achieved. Expectant mothers and fathers of future music fans ordered over 650 music boxes as part of the campaign. Rock my Sleep was able to prevail against ten startups from Baden Württemberg as the overall winner in the L-Bank’s MikroCrowd competition with the highest funding amount and the highest number of supporters”. (booth 3A C-02)

Modern sleeping aid - RockmySleep.

The Geobender Cube, which will be part of the Spielwarenmesse 2019, has already been launched. Last year, over 200,000 cubes were sold, and the products are now represented in over 400 shops throughout Europe, the USA and Australia. The Geobender 3D Cube is primarily intended to awaken a passion for numbers and geometry. Due to the many possible combinations it is also a creative art object and is suitable as a family cube or company gift. (Booth 3A B-08)

The stacking stone from joboo promotes motor skills. It is light, stable and can be used as a toy, sports equipment or stool. Hannah König from Team Stapelstein: “The International Toy Fair is purely a trade fair and therefore a valuable meeting place for us to talk to dealers from all over the world. Thematically, the focus here is on the versatile play experience that children and adults appreciate at the Stapelstein.  joboo was already present at the toy fair last year. The response was very good, interested parties from all over the world came to the stand to get information. König: “The stacking stone lives from its physical presence. The innovation of the still unknown object can only be fully grasped by touching it and trying it out. This applies both to our end customers and to the dealers who represent our product”. Stapelstein will be on site at the exhibition stand with clear terms and conditions, so that partnerships with new trading partners can be put into concrete terms. (Booth 3A C-04)

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Promotes motor skills - the stacking stones from jojoo.

The lovingly drawn characters of the illustrator Claudia Stöckl are especially used in speech therapy. In her games and materials under the name logofrosch, she combines speech therapy concepts with word acrobatics, wit and fantasy and supports this with appealing illustrations. (booth 3A C-05)

Smart accessories for children can also be found at the joint stand of the young innovative companies. The Kianii UG presents the Blinkbutton Bliings. CEO Sabine Schmekel-Meininger on the story behind the waterproof flashing lights: “My children absolutely wanted flashing shoes. So I thought to myself, why isn’t there a Blinkbutton that can be attached to any shoe, whether lace-up or Velcro, and that works just like a blinkbutton shoe? Since I found nothing, I decided to develop one myself! Now children can change their favourite shoes and parents can turn their shoes, which are healthy for children’s feet, into Blinkshoes in seconds. And also choose an individual design and stick it on the bliings.” (Stand 3A D-08)

The young company Hukipax, which has only been on the market since December 2019, also designs real eye-catchers. Jaques Mauerhoff, who is responsible for sales and product development, reveals more: “Our products are lifestyle products for children in the broadest sense of the word, and the theme is ‘wearing while playing’. We offer children’s backpacks and shoulder bags that are visually reminiscent of plush dolls and are therefore particularly appealing. We as parents also know that even kindergarten children want to have their favourite things well stored with them”. So the bags have arms and legs, a cuddly face and can be cuddled - like real cuddly toys. (booth 3A - C07)

Adhesive dots are the profession of dot-on. The company expanded its children’s portfolio in 2019 and recently started offering DIY sticky posters with the licensed themes Maya the Bee and Mia&Me. Managing director Julia Habermaier: “For us everything revolves around adhesive dots: We offer beautifully designed, cleverly thought-out things like calendars, craft kits and posters for sticking on - with endless possibilities and even more colourful dots. For flexible planning and beautiful crafting fun. By the way, all our stickers are designed, produced, assembled and shipped here in Germany.  (Stand 3A B-04)

Dot-on extended their range in 2019 to products for kids.

Pure nature - this is the recipe of Ankerstones. The stones are made from chalk, quartz sand, colour pigments and linseed oil in over 1,500 moulds. Children can build realistic looking houses from them. According to plant manager Ines Schroth, the Ankerstones are the oldest system toys in the world: “The first Ankerstones building set was already available in 1884. Around 1906 the Ankerstones were present in all the imperial and royal courts of Europe as well as in the playrooms at the Tsar’s Court”. Ankerstein GmbH has been managed as an integration company by the AWO Rudolstadt since summer 2017 and has since developed numerous products for therapeutic and educational needs. At the International Toy Fair, the company wants to make international contacts and present its new products to the dealers. (booth 3A D-10)

Celebrate happy times is the motto of Decorami. The portfolio of party and decoration articles includes balloons, party tableware and party decoration. CEO Stefan Arnold explains the reason for the presence on the joint stand: “We exhibit at the International Toy Fair because it is the ideal trade fair for us as an innovative start-up with the mission “Celebrate stylishly with a clear conscience”. Decorami has been in existence since mid-2017 and focuses on product reusability and sustainability with the aim of offering exclusively biodegradable products by 2021. According to Arnold, Decorami on Instagram is the most wide-reaching channel in continental Europe through innovative and consistent influencer and celebrity marketing and already has a large customer base with a very high level of brand identification. Especially the specially designed Decorami products are in great demand. (Booth 3A D-02)

With his company hossidesign, Heiko Jürgens develops new games and toys, among other things. “hossidesign is now exhibiting at the International Toy Fair for the third time in a row,” reports the owner. “Nowhere else does one have the opportunity to meet the industry in such a concentrated form. hossidesign is naturally hoping for a few deals. This year he will be presenting three outdoor games as a priority. Among them is the new klöck - golf croquet outdoor game, as well as the ringgo - ring throwing game and the rudi - offroad - bouncy box game. (booth 3A C-06)

Are exhibting for the third time at Spielwarenmesse aus: Hossidesign. This year they present the Golfcroquet outdoor game.

Cotton from controlled organic cultivation and the GOTS seal for sustainable textile production are two characteristics of loud + proud children’s clothing. The family business with an almost 400-year-old company building in Middle Franconia and a sewing shop in Saxony wants to offer a fresh and affordable alternative to conventional clothing. Managing Director Ingo Hecking: “In recent years we have seen increased demand from toy retailers, who are expanding their ranges to include clothing produced sustainably and fairly in Europe. We are therefore pleased to exhibit at the International Toy Fair for the second time. At our stand we will present the new Winter 2020 collection and our permanently available NOS range, which can be reordered at any time and is thus particularly suitable for a risk-free entry into the baby and children’s clothing sector”. (booth 3A C-03)

It looks like a bird house, the chirping box from Relaxound. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship and child-friendly design, the “Real Toys” working group has already included it in its selected range. Managing Director Philipp Störring: “Since the chirping box was launched six years ago, it has gradually found its way into children’s rooms. As a soothing accessory above the changing unit or as a friendly refreshment in the bathroom, the Chirp Box delights children and parents alike. This year we are presenting the Tweeter Box to the international audience at the International Toy Fair for the first time. (Stand 3A / C-01)

The best opportunity for presentation is the International Toy Fair for playmatt. Managing Director Ronny Graupner: “We want to make B2B contacts and find new partners. All important companies and their buyers are at this fair.” The company manufactures square play mats that can be laid bare. Graupner continues: “These are free of harmful substances, washable and non-slip. Various motifs conjure up an imaginative background among figures, animals, models and vehicles: whether a farm in a green idyll, a road network for a speedy ride in a fire engine, Frozen for little ice queens or an island in the ocean as a suitable setting for a trip on a pirate ship. The interest was very high last year and is already bearing fruit. We hope to build on that this year.” (booth 3A B-01)


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