The industry association Licensing International (formerly LIMA) has honored outstanding licenses. Among others, Paw Patrol, Super RTL and Fortnite received a Licensing International Germany Award.

Licenses are among the largest revenue generators in the children’s equipment and toy industries. Worldwide retail sales of licensed goods and services are estimated at over 280 billion dollars. But which topics are promising? The Licensing International Germany Awards provide some indications of this. The international industry association Licensing International awards them to the best licenses, licensees and other outstanding participants in this market. The prizes for this year were awarded at the “Licensing Market” trade event in Munich. The best licensing theme of the year is again Paw Patrol. The stories and products about the heroic puppies are aimed at children between the ages of two and five. Paw Patrol’s licensing agency is Super RTL Licensing. The TV station, which itself received the Licensing Industry Award, is increasingly focusing on the licensing industry. “We see companies not only as advertising customers, but also as partners for the development of new business, for example with licenses,” Super RTL boss Claude Schmit told the Handelsblatt.

Best agency for licenses is Bavaria Media

Edel Kids was awarded as licensee of the year 2019. The home entertainment brand for children’s entertainment of the Edel Group publishes radio plays, DVDs and digital productions. The portfolio includes products under the licenses Pettersson and Findus, Miraculous, Spirit: wild and free, Barbie and Dragons. For the first time in the company’s 20-year history, Edel Kids was at the top of the physical sound recording market for children’s films (DVD) in the first half of 2019 with a market share of 28.4 percent. The prize for the best licensing agency of the year went to Bavaria Media. The brands supported include Playmobil, Janosch and BIG Bobby Car. Marc Lammek, Managing Director of Bavaria Media: “We are very pleased to receive the award Licensing Agency of the Year 2019. Our licensing team has done an extraordinary job, for which I would like to thank the entire team. This award is a wonderful recognition for the successful cooperation and the trust placed in us by our licensors and licensees”.

Licenses also important in the e-gaming sector

Digital games are also becoming an increasingly important source of revenue in the area of licenses. The Licensing International Germany Awards also reflect this market segment. The online game Fortnite received the award for best digital brand of the year. The game is actually free of charge, but through opportunities such as in-game purchases it achieved record monthly sales of over 300 million dollars in some cases. Computer games are developing more and more from a pure hobby to a sport. Meanwhile, international tournaments are held in various leagues. ESL is the world’s largest company in the field of e-sports, according to its own figures. Every year 1,500 hours are filled with gaming content, ESL has 242 million fans - 80 percent of them in the advertising-relevant target group of 18 to 34 years of age. Licensing International named the group Newcomer of the Year 2019. Further prizes went to Müller (Trade Partner of the Year), the BVB (Sports Brand of the Year) and the BVB tactics board from Ritter Sport (Licensed Product of the Year).


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Link: The Licensing International association has awarded its industry prizes for the German market.

Image: Super RTL