The Babys Life Deutschland GmbH received the German Brand Award for the brand communication of its pregnancy drink in the categories “Industry Excellence in Branding” and “Fast moving consumer goods. The aesthetically pleasing packaging in a purple-white-design is especially tailored to women and refers directly to the highly-qualitative content of the 60 ml vial, which is to offer an alternative to the nutritional supplements in the form of tablets, pills and capsules.

The drink, which is ready to be consumed, complements, according to the subsidiary of the listed Swiss Healthcare Holding Anlarop Development AG, the daily pregnancy typical needs of folic acid, vitamins, minerals and dietary minerals. “With Babys Life pregnancy drink we set an orthomolecular milestone in the pregnancy specific nutritional supplement, a product with an added value for women with the desire to have a child and expectant mothers up to the nursing period”, says General Manager Claudia Brodhage-Becker.

The pregnancy drink is, according to Babys life, free from artificial coloring and flavoring agents, gluten free, vegan and produced without gene technology. A combination of currant, elderberry, vanilla and acerola are to provide a pleasant drinking feel.


Featured Image: Marc Wallendorf, CEO Anlarop (left), at the award show with Andrej Kupetz, CEO of the German Design Council.