From 2 December 2017, you can buy the Steiff animals with the famous “button in the ear” from new stores in Munich, Mannheim, and Ludwigsburg. In addition to the cuddly toys, there is also a fashion and footwear collection and, for adult lovers of the brand, limited special editions of replicas.

Just in time for the pre-Christmas season, the new Steiff flagship store opens in the heart of Munich. Spread over two floors, the sales area is ​​the new home of the beloved soft toys. In Mannheim, the Steiff range will soon occupy an area of ​​145 m2 in Q5. Bears, horses, lions, and snakes can also be found in the Breuningerland shopping centre in Ludwigsburg.

“We are very proud that, with Ludwigsburg, Mannheim, and Munich, we can offer our customers three shopping highlights for the Christmas season. The central location of all three stores and, of course, the range selection will allow us to optimally communicate our traditional roots and our lasting values, which the Steiff brand has embodied for 137 years,” says Daniel Barth, Managing Director Steiff.

Fun and snuggles for all ages

For the older children, the new stores offer a fashion and shoe collection to bring colour and fun to the winter months. The adult Steiff lovers have not been neglected, and can look forward to special editions and limited edition replicas. While the adults are browsing, the little ones can let off steam in a children’s play area. In the Munich flagship store, a “bear rocket” provides extra fun for young and old.

Steiff offers help for lost soft toys

Every parent has been there. After a visit to the grandparents’ house or a trip to the playground, the beloved soft toy is nowhere to be found. The little one’s darling is missing, and tears are a foregone conclusion. For these situations, Steiff has come up with a solution: the so-called “friend finder”.

“We’ve seen it again and again. Parents call us urgently seeking their child’s lost soft toy. Of course, we always try to help and replace the old animal. From our own experience, however, we know that the reappearance of the original soft toy brings the most joy. So, we came up with the “Friend Finder” idea, and we are sure that many parents and children will be glad to use the service,” explains Managing Director Daniel Barth.

With the “Friend Finder” collection, lost soft toys can return home. It works like this: each “Friend Finder” has a code that must be registered after purchase at If a soft toy from this collection is found, the finder can find the contact details of the toy’s owner. Then, the toy can be marked as ‘found’ on the Steiff website. Shortly thereafter, the owner receives the information that the soft toy has been found, and so they can get it back.

The “Friend-Finder” collection includes fluffy teddy bears, fluffy bunnies, and bears and bunnies on a cuddly blanket. These are made for babies out of extra velvety plush.

Image: Schoeller & von Rehlingen PR