This year’s award innoSPIEL 2018 goes to Cool Runnings by author Olivier Mahy. At this year’s International Match Days in Essen, Mayor Rudolf Jelinek awarded the prize for the most innovative game idea on the evening of 24 October.

Mayor Rudolf Jelinek especially praised the unique idea of the game, as the game figures consist of real ice cubes. “It’s creative and innovative and can be quite a mess. We are thrilled that the ice is not just a gag in the game, but is central to the gaming experience and fun.

Play figures from ice cubes

In Cool Runnings, up to four players compete for the finish line. The game pieces are moved with action cards, the game pieces contain real ice cubes. Not only the finish is decisive, but also the fact that there is still something left of the ice cube - not so easy, because the other players try to melt the ice cube prematurely with blowing, salt or water. “Cool Runnings appeals to many senses, we feel the cold, the melting ice, and we see how the cubes get smaller and smaller. And not only that: hours before the game, when we prepare the game figures in the freezer, the anticipation of the game begins,” continues Jelinek.

For the second time now, the trade fair organiser Friedhelm Merz Verlag, together with the city of Essen, has awarded the Innovation Prize at the world’s largest trade fair for parlour games. Previously, a jury consisting of specialist journalists and dealers had nominated the three most innovative game ideas from thousands of new publications for innoSPIEL 2018. In addition to Cool Runnings, Bonk by David Harvey and The Mind by Wolfgang Warsch were also nominated.


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Image: Friedhelm Merz Verlag