Increasing digitalization poses new challenges not only for brands but also for commercial agents such as Daniela Müller. For more than 15 years, Müller has been leading brands to success through targeted strategies. She explains in an interview what it takes to survive in the future: Daniela Müller talks to Luna Journal about the opportunities of increasing online trade.

Mrs. Müller, you as a commercial agent carry brands such as Guess Kids and Retour Jeans in your portfolio. Through which measures do you increase the development of your brands in the German market?

We try to strengthen the brand with our customers by optimizing sales, reordering opportunities and exchanging information. But also, with the companies by analyzing the sales of our customers. Possibilities for brand presentations in the stationary retail trade vary greatly from one brand to another and must always be tailored to the customer’s needs.

What developments are you currently observing in regard to the distribution of your brands?

Due to the restructuring of our agency - away from the commercial agent “Old School” to a cooperation partner - we are looking forward to receiving many enquiries from various brands. Standing still is a step backwards - only together are we strong.

What professional conclusions do you draw from the increase in online commerce?

The online trade also needs a link to the various brands. The work changes, if you face the challenges, there is more to do than ever before. We see it as a challenge to be successful together with the classic retail trade, without which fashion can never live (although the retailer faces the challenges of today) and the growing market “online trade”.

Which German location is most relevant for you as a commercial agent?

Munich, as we can address dealers from the DACH region here.

How do you select the collection in preparation for trade fairs?

We have been working in this business for almost 30 years now. Everything has become more and more fast moving, yet we have been running brands for more than 15 years. But of course, we always try to offer our customers an interesting portfolio. We work with some of our customers from the very beginning.

How do you deal with the loss of a brand’s image?

Trends come, trends go. Brands come, brands go. Some brands remain what is associated with ups and downs. The most beautiful thing is to be able to master them together. We must not be dependent on any single brand, but also not on a customer. This benefits both our customers and our brand partners.


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Image: Handelsagentur Daniela Müller