Banwood is presenting a Dutch bicycle for the littlest ones in Paris right now. The characteristic basket gives the push bike the look of the Dutch classic and is also ideal for a picnic in the park.

It’s particularly beneficial to introduce children to cycling by using a push bike, thanks to the riding comprehension that is thereby developed. With the pedal-free riding, the child learns to move under their own strength while keeping their balance. The Banwood push bike is not just a practical companion, but also a child-friendly and design-oriented statement.

The adjustable saddle of the “FIRST GO!” balance bike can be adjusted to the child’s exact size. The same applies to the handlebars, which can be adjusted as the child grows. Absolute riding safety was the top priority for the “FIRST GO!”. For Banwood, that includes the exclusive use of high-quality materials and a strict test phase.

The “FIRST GO!” balance bike is available in six different colours and a variety of styles.

“The way kids play today may have changed, but not the magic of the game - that’s the miracle and the magic we want to keep alive” is the Banwood motto.

Images: Banwood