Children want a snack, parents, on the other hand, attach importance to a healthy diet. With the Hipp children organic range, the company aims to satisfy both parties.

Hipp is certain: “The supermarket offers many colorful snacks and tempting sweets for children. But often these products do not meet the nutritional needs of the little sweet tooth. They often contain too much sugar, fat or salt. This view is underlined by the consumer organization foodwatch. It awards the negative prize “Goldener Windbeutel” (Golden Profiterole). Children’s foodstuffs have already received this prize several times - most recently a baby biscuit containing 25 percent sugar in 2017. Hipp wants to set itself apart positively here: The new Hipp children range was developed in collaboration with nutritionists and is designed to meet the nutritional needs of children from the age of three. All products meet nutritional and quality parameters specifically adapted to the body weight of children. According to the manufacturer, the snacks contain no flavors or flavor enhancers and significantly less salt and fat than comparable children’s items.

Hipp has developed the range with nutritionists

The sizes of the portions also meet the nutritional needs of children. As it has been proven that an appealing design significantly promotes acceptance among the small customers, the packages are cheerfully designed with animal figures and shapes. The company wants to offer parents and children a snack alternative. The new product line comprises nine variants in organic quality - from snacks and drinks to pieces of fruit. The first ones are the noisemakers, vegetable waffles in the flavors beetroot and carrot. They contain 30 percent less salt than comparable snack products and also significantly less fat than normal chips. As a refreshment for hot days, Hipp recommends icicles which consist of over 90 percent organic fruit puree and organic fruit juice. They can be easily cooled in the freezer.

Attractive design and funny names are to inspire the children

In the form of small feet, the crispy, hearty cheese feet are to inspire children. They also contain significantly less salt than comparable products. As organic products, they are also free of flavors or flavor enhancers. A squirrel adorns the packages of apple and strawberry wedges. Here only the fruits are contained in organic quality after they have been freeze-dried. The two same fruits can also be found in apple and strawberry flavors. This snack consists of freeze-dried organic fruit puree with yoghurt and fruit sweetener. Hipp recommends the new Guava-Aronia dragon bar as a dessert or small snack in between meals. The snack is an eye-catcher, because the wafer is printed in dragon scales patterns.

Nibbles and beverages are part of the new range

The other three products in the new children’s range are ready to drink: The juice spritzers contain two thirds of natural mineral water with light carbonic acid and one third of organic fruit juice. They are available in the flavors “apple”, “apple-orange-mandarin” and “apple-raspberry”. Also new is the Hipp Smoothie Mix in a squeeze bag. The four fruit combinations “red fruits in apple-banana”, “peach-banana in apple”, “blueberry in apple-pear” and “kiwi-raspberry in apple-grape” all contain 20 percent organic juice, but no added sugar. As a supplier of energy, especially during sports or rollicking, Hipp focuses on the sports enthusiast. With organic banana, organic cereals and organic rice, it should deliver power: The three varieties “blueberry in apple-banana with oats”, “mango in banana-orange-pear with rice” and “pear-banana-grape with oats” contain more carbohydrates than other fruit & grain squeeze bag snacks from Hipp and are produced without added sugar.


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Image: Hipp