The Swedish traditional brand is planning to launch the first sugar cane rubber boot on the market in spring/summer 2019. The “Skur” rubber boot, one third of which is made of Brazilian sugar cane, is another important step to strengthen the sustainable profile of the Kavat brand.

“We have long been looking for environmentally friendly materials that are also renewable and can meet the demands of rubber boots. With Skur we have finally succeeded: The model is light, soft and durable - just like conventional rubber boots,” says Calle Karlsson, Head of Quality and Sustainability. In addition, the “Skur” rubber boot has been tested for all climatic conditions and temperatures and is also machine washable. “We are proud to show that more sustainable products don’t have to sacrifice functionality,” says Karlsson.

Sustainable shoe manufacturer

Kavat’s goal is to become the most sustainable shoe manufacturer in the world. In 2008, the first Kavat model made of Eco Performance Leather was awarded the EU Ecolabel by the EU. Today, more than fifty models bear the official European Union seal of quality for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. In order to minimize the ecological footprint, Kavat uses Eco Performance leather, SEBS rubber, ecological cotton, and recycled materials in its production and also tests new raw materials.

Kavat with its own repair service

With its own repair service, Kavat wants to contribute to better consumer behaviour in society: “By extending the lifetime of our shoes, we contribute to better consumer behaviour in society. We want to change consumers’ perceptions towards conscious and responsible behaviour. Our products keep their high value for a long time anyway; they can be passed on or resold and are therefore more than worth their slightly higher price,” explains Karlsson.

Sustainable production

For the traditional Swedish brand Kavat, sustainability and environmental friendliness are a matter of course. Kavat is committed to high quality and sustainable production, according to the motto “Walk Carefully on Mother Nature”. The aim of the brand is to produce shoes that can be worn for more than one season.

Kavat’s Eco Performance leather is manufactured in its own factory in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and features good quality, high wearing comfort, environmentally friendly workmanship and chrome-free advertising. In its own factory, the company works with an ecological heating system and also uses renewable energies.

The rubber boots are available in four cheerful colours in sizes 21-30 and cost 35 Euro in the RRP.

The family business Kavat

Since its foundation in 1945, the company has attached great importance to high quality, Scandinavian design and sustainable production in the manufacture of footwear. Kavat produces 400,000 pairs of shoes annually, 80 percent of them in its own company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 160 local employees and 30 employees in its Swedish headquarters. The shoes are available for purchase in more than 20 countries. Over 50 Kavat shoes are certified with the EU Ecolabel, the EU’s official seal of quality for environmentally friendly and sustainable products.


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Link: Kavat launches rubber boots made of sugar cane.

Image: Kavat