LEGO GmbH and the German Football Association (DFB) have entered into a licensing partnership for the 2016 European Championships. 16 miniature figures will be produced to represent the members of the German football team. The figures are available now in participating shops and in LEGOLAND stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Since the figures are only available individually and in limited numbers, collectors and swap events are likely to offer further business opportunities. Thanks to the general enthusiasm around the football tournament, additional target groups could also be won over as buyers.

LEGO launched the series using a variety of creative marketing strategies. Not only did they hold a virtual press conference with the figurines, which can be seen on the online platform YouTube, but they even staged a test match between the LEGO mini-national team and the LEGOLAND range. It ended 3:2 in favour of the mini team.

Featured Image: © LEGO