“Rebuild the World” is the name of a new action by Lego. It aims to promote skills such as creativity and problem solving and is accompanied by numerous stars and marketing measures.

Actually, the construction manual is one of the trademarks of Lego sets. The more bricks and the more complex the component, the more extensive are the accompanying booklets. Now the company is returning to its roots. With the campaign “Rebuild the World” Lego returns to the actual possibilities of the building blocks and the original fascination. Children should be encouraged to become creative themselves and without guidance. After all, according to the company, creativity is an important key competence in an increasingly complex world. Florian Gmeiner, Senior Marketing Director at Lego GmbH: “We are convinced that children are born with creative abilities. They see the world from a unique perspective and have the imagination to continually reinvent the world and develop innovative solutions and ideas for it. With Rebuild the World, we want to support children in making this natural creativity a lifelong ability.”

Stars and influencers support the Lego campaign

Lego sees its building blocks as a platform for creative expression and problem solving. Children design ideas, build, experiment and start all over again if they fail. For this reason, the campaign “Rebuild the World” does not focus on special Lego sets. Rather, the accompanying advertising videos show the numerous possibilities offered by the classic building blocks. Many stars and influencers support the campaign prominently and attract additional attention. In Germany, the company was able to win moderator Jochen Schropp and influencer Cathy Hummels as testimonials. The two personalities also visited Berlin. At the start of the campaign, a 15 x 10 meter work of art with Lego bricks was created at the East Side Gallery. Visitors were able to be transported to the center of this 3D installation via a lifting platform and join a broken heart with stones.

Accompanying measures on all advertising channels

The native group got the support of the British musician Mark Ronson for the launch. “Rebuild the World is a wonderful opportunity to inspire the next generation of creators who will develop their own ideas to shape the future of everything from the way we live to the music we hear,” said Ronson. With him at the Lego House in Billund, Denmark, was 19-year-old David Aguilar. He built several arm prostheses from Lego elements. At the same time, further advertising measures began. Rebuild the World is a fully integrated global campaign present on a variety of channels including TV, digital, cinema and Out of Home. The multi-award-winning Traktor collective made the entertaining commercial, in which everything is based on Lego and can change quickly. In another video, star gymnast Simone Biles and fashion star Tomo Koizumi talk about the creative potential of the building blocks.


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Link: For the new “Rebuild the World” campaign, a comprehensive package of advertising measures and campaigns was put together.

Image: Lego