The Top 100 online shops increased their sales in Germany by more than ten percent in 2018. Amazon is the undisputed leader in online retailing and myToys ranks 24th in the toy industry.

In total, the top 100 online stores in Germany generated sales of 33.6 billion euros. This is the result of the study “E-Commerce Market Germany 2019” by EHI and Statista. The statistics in online trade as a whole continue to lead the industry giant with 9.3 billion euros in 2018. This is followed by with 3.2 billion and with 1.4 billion. In total, this trio generates over 41 percent of the sales of the top 100 German online retailers. A look at the industries shows that the generalists among the shops generate the most sales. The second largest segment is consumer electronics, followed by clothing. The “Toys & Baby” segment accounts for just 1.3 percent. Three shops are among the top 100: in 24th place with 256 million euros, in 68th place with 119 million euros and in 88th place with 75 million euros.

Trade-up buyer, newcomers and winners in online trading

A look at the rising stars in the German digital shopping world is interesting. For example, the British brand Asos surprises with clothing. Its platform is showing strong growth and is in 30th place with 205 million euros. As a newcomer in the nationwide online trade, the Chinese fashion provider achieved 38th place. It was included in the ranking for the first time and generated sales of 161 million euros. Young German competitors in the online trade can easily keep up here. The fashion mail order company About You, for example, is in 16th place with sales of 411 million Euro. In the “Drugstore & Health” segment, the big winners are, and also the perfumery Douglas recently attracted attention with store closures in the stationary segment. On the online channels, Douglas such as dm and Flaconi posted an increase of more than 25 percent over the previous year’s level.

These are the online retailers’ strategies for the future

Germans are buying more and more online. What is striking is that they prefer Pureplayer in online trading. This is the result of a study by the German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association. According to this study, the number of Germans who have bought in the online shop of a stationary retailer within the last seven days fell from 18.9 to 13.1 percent between 2017 and 2019. “In the comparative period, the number of active online shoppers in the sample rose. But the number of those who bought in online shops of the stationary trade has decreased,” summarizes Martin Groß-Albenhausen, deputy managing director of bevh. “Growth is largely benefiting online marketplaces”. The large online retailers are doing a lot to ensure that this trend continues. For example, Otto is working on the further development of its business model into a trading platform. The retailer has already connected 400 new providers. Marc Opelt, Chairman of the Divisional Board: “We are completely repositioning ourselves in some business divisions, working on the automation of our partner connection and nevertheless creating considerable growth.

Amazon with own brands, Zalando with new delivery centre

Amazon, a giant in online retailing, relies among other things on its own brands. At the beginning of the year, the Group launched its own pet food brand, a make-up collection under its own brand and two furniture brands. At Zalando, the focus is on optimizing the supply chain and minimizing shipping times. The construction of a new logistics centre in the Netherlands started this summer. The aim is to supply customers in Western Europe more quickly in future and to create logistics capacities for further growth. In Germany, Zalando doubled the number of parcels delivered the same or next day in the second quarter compared to the first quarter.


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