With the free HealthMate app, expecting mothers can track their weight gain during the entire pregnancy in combination with Wi-Fi scales from Withings. The app offers a weekly weight report and compares the data with individual recommendations for the pregnant woman.

A woman with “happy expectations” certainly has better things to do than dealing with her own weight gain during pregnancy. That’s why the HealthMate app makes it easy. The expecting mother simply has to activate the pregnancy mode in the app. The Withings-App then asks the expected birth date, the number of children expected, and the weight before pregnancy, if the WLAN scales have not been previously used.

In April, Withings introduced the baby mode and thus a new way of weighing Baby. It follows a similar principle: the child’s growth can be easily and precisely tracked with the help of Withings Body scales or Body Cardio scales. Parents can ensure that the baby is getting the proper nutrition while breastfeeding and they can monitor the baby’s weight gains.

The scales from Withings are automatically linked to the HealthMate app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth synchronisation. The app includes tools such as a Trends Display and Nutritional Tracking. These tools can help the user to achieve a particular weight goal, get an overview of their calorie budget, or even use the free step counter.


Image: Withings